Road Warrior Tires opens new production facility in Vietnam

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Road Warrior Tires announced they have opened a new production facility in Vietnam to addressing the growing demand of loader and large truck tires.

Road Warrior Tires will now offer three global sources for manufacturing. The new Vietnam facility is a state-of-the-art factory with an experienced production engineering and manufacturing team committed to outstanding product quality control standards. The facility will have the ability to produce and deliver the entire family of Road Warrior products, production will continue to grow the business and meet the customers’ demand for the company’s products.

Although China continues to be the largest exporter of truck tires to the United States, imports from Vietnam will continue to increase in an effort to avoid exceedingly heavy tariffs and to keep prices low.

Road Warrior Market Position – 11R24.5

Road Warrior will continue to focus on Bobcat tires, large truck, farm, construction and loader tires. The company said they have opened three warehouses nationally, (Los Angeles, Houston and Boston) in order to maintain fast ship practices and exceptional customer service.

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