Prepare your winter tire marketing messages now

Winter tires

Prepare your winter tire marketing messages now

Winter is fast approaching and that means it’s the perfect time for tire dealers to start thinking about their cold weather marketing campaigns. Start creating your winter tire messages now and encourage your customers to prepare for the ice and snow.

Why consumers should care about winter tires

A 2014 Google survey found 44 percent of drivers in cold climates do not plan to prepare their car for winter, and a Consumer Reports’ poll last year found only one in five consumers changed their tires for winter driving. However, extensive research in Canada and by Consumer Reports showed winter tires easily command a “20-percent benefit in snow and ice traction over all-season tires,” and that some of the best winter tires have nearly twice the grip as some all-season models.

Experts are predicting frequent storms across the northeastern U.S. this winter, leading to an above-normal season for snowfall, and winter will last into the early or middle part of spring and will feature frequent snow events. So, with so many drivers not preparing for winter and 2016-17 looking like it will bring a lot of snowstorms, how do you encourage them to change to winter tires? Here are some great ways to get your winter tire marketing messages out to attract customers to your dealership.

Update your website

Review your website and make sure there is a banner or link on the home page that alerts customers to the fact it’s winter tire time. This should link to a page on your site that tells them why winter tires are important, what tires and services you have and any special deals you are offering.

Email your customers

Send out an email newsletter to your customer base with coupons, discounts or special offers you have in place if they change over their tires early. Don’t be afraid to impress upon them the importance of tire safety in cold and wintry conditions. Phrases like “Are You Winter-ready?” or “Tire Safety for Winter Drivers” work well. It’s also a good idea to include other winter automotive safety tips, such as checking brakes, oil changes and flushing the cooling system.

Social media

Social media is a great way to reach a large audience and you can post winter tire safety messages and reminders through fall and winter on a regular basis. If a snowstorm blows through, for example, you can reference this to reinforce the message that winter tires can still be fitted. Make sure you use eye-catching images to create a message with impact when you are posting on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Pay for a campaign

Consider paying for a Google Adwords campaign targeting winter and snow tires in your area. This means that when people search online, your tire store will come up near the top. With so many drivers not even thinking about winter tires until the snow hits, when it does, you want to be the place they turn to get them fitted.

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