PODCAST: How to use e-commerce to grow your tire business

PODCAST: How to use e-commerce to grow your tire business

Matt Peters is a tire industry e-commerce expert. He’s spent about 25 years in the industry and these days helps dealers get the most out of their enterprise’s online presence in his role as business development manager at Tireweb Marketing*.

So, how can tire dealers use digital technology, the web and e-commerce systems to make their businesses more successful and more profitable? If anyone is going to know, it’s Matt.

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Show Notes

Here are some key take-outs:

• Tire manufacturers cutting out tire dealers and selling direct to the public has become a huge issue. Dealers need to compete, and a good online presence will help with that.

• Tire dealers have been slow to latch onto new technologies to promote their businesses. Small retailers need to make better investments in point-of-sale systems and consumer-facing websites. Wholesalers, you should have an online presence with a B2B wholesale website.

“You need to engage with the technology. You have to move with the times, and right now everyone wants to do whatever they can online.” — Matt Peters, Tireweb Marketing

• More consumers want to purchase online. They’re certainly doing their research online in advance of making a purchase. Dealers need to get in front of the consumer where they’re looking — and online is it.

• Do an evaluation on your business technologies. What are you getting out of them? Is it costing you more time and money to use outdated tech? Could new tech help you do business more quickly and efficiently?

“The tire dealer is definitely having a tough time making a profit on tire sales. I think they’re treating it as a loss-leader to get people into the store.” — Matt Peters

• Providing good, honest information to clients once they’re in the store is the best chance you have to help get repeat customers. The technology in your business should prompt your staff to do the right checks and to ask the right questions, so you can lock in that customer for future and value-added services.

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• For more information visit the Tireweb Marketing website.

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*Tireweb Marketing is the parent company of Traction News.

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