PODCAST: Custom lettering for your tires is now a thing

An example of Tire Stickers' work

PODCAST: Custom lettering for your tires is now a thing

In this week’s podcast Sarah Mitchell talks to Keith Ferry, who specializes in the customization of tires. His company, Tire Stickers, allows you to have anything you want written on your tires. Sarah caught up with him in the New Products section of the SEMA Show.

You can listen to the podcast here:

Or you can read the show notes below:

Show Notes

Here are some key takeouts:

• Only a few tire companies offer colored lettering and that lettering is going to say the tire company name. Tire Stickers offers the ability to customize the tire with anything you want — your shop name, a website address, a slogan — or even whitewalls and redlines.

Tire Stickers image

An example of Tire Stickers’ work

• Tire Stickers has do-it-yourself applications or customized tires can be bought from them directly.

“You can go online and type in “I want ‘Keith’s Tire’ on my tires and you can order a kit. We offer a short-term version and long-term version. The short-term versions are great for promotions. The long-term version lasts a lifetime.” — Keith Ferry

• This technology would be a great value-add for tire distributors, custom shops, etc. — something extra they can add to their tires.

• Using Tire Stickers’ technology it is also possible to fix a rigid object, like an LED, to a tire wall. That’s coming onto market this side of the holiday season.

“We’re always innovating with colors and custom color-matching.” — Keith Ferry

• Tire Stickers can also do custom mud flaps and other products. Everything is manufactured in the U.S.

• They offer inventory management, too. They can do RFID technology, barcodes, QR codes — which are ideal for fleet managers.

• Tire distributors are invited to reach out to Keith and look at opportunities to partner. Discounts on orders go up based on volume.

Here are the links you might need

• Visit the Tire Stickers website for more information.

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