Pirelli unveils new Pirelli Ice Zero 2 studded winter tires

© Pirelli

Pirelli unveils its new Ice Zero 2 studded tires in an exclusive preview on the roads of the World Skiing Championships in Sweden.

Pirelli equipped the Audi e-tron cars used by the event organizers and for the ice-driving experiences with Ice Zero FR and Ice Zero 2 rubber. The Ice Zero 2 tires, designed to meet the mobility needs of top of the range cars on Nordic and Russian roads, will be officially launched on the icy roads of Pirelli’s proving ground at Flurheden in Swedish Lapland.

Maximum control in the most difficult conditions

For the activities linked with the World Skiing Championships in Are, Pirelli provided two different types of tire: the versatile Ice Zero FR, for typical Nordic driving conditions, and the new Ice Zero 2 tires, for more extreme situations. This new tire for the Nordic market has been designed for top of the range cars, including electric cars. Electric cars, which offer all their torque from low revs, require the maximum amount of traction, especially in low grip conditions that are typical of winter: including zero grip on ice. Not only that, but for the studded Ice Zero 2 tires, Pirelli’s engineers have also worked on limiting the road noise often typical of this type of tire. Quietness is a particularly fundamental quality of an electric car, such as the Audi e-tron. The new e-tron is the first first full-electrical model from the brand with the Four Rings, which puts out a peak electrical output of 300 kW, 664 Nm of torque in boost and a range of more than 400 kilometres in the WLTP cycle. As a result, it’s an SUV with sports car performance, accelerating from 0 to 100kph in fewer than six seconds.

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