Pirelli and Porsche team up on classic sports car tires

Pirelli and Porsche team up on classic sports car tires

Pirelli has teamed up with Porsche to ensure the thousands of classic sports cars still on the road around the world can run on suitable tires.

Porsche claims about 70 percent of all the vehicle models it has ever built are still roadworthy and cars from every generation are currently on the road. So, in order to ensure each classic Porsche is running on appropriate tires, the luxury vehicle manufacturer and Pirelli have newly developed, tested and approved the numerous tires that were originally matched to each generation of Porsche.

The new tires are not just new editions of the historic tires; they combine the appearance of the originals with modern tire technology by using state-of-the-art compounds with modern constructions.

Pirelli general manager of technology Maurizio Boiocchi said: “This means Pirelli re-searchers work hand-in-hand with engineers from Porsche in order to develop bespoke tires for each model in the ranges mentioned below. These special tires, engineered by Pirelli, meet the individual needs of every Porsche. They are custom-designed for each model in order to showcase its performance characteristics.”

So, what are the new tire recommendations?

In total there are 32 new tire recommendations available for Porsche model ranges 356 B and C, Boxster (986), 911 (G Model, 964, 993 and 996) and 914 as well as for the transaxle cars: 924, 928, 944 and 968.

For the Porsche construction years from 1959 to 2006 there are 161 different recommendations for Pirelli summer tires. There are another 131 recommendations for winter tires to complement the lineup for Porsche classic models.

Together with the “young-timer” models (911-types plus 993-996) and the more recent models from the last decade, there are now 2,200 tires currently approved by Porsche. Together with the re-issued tires, these are now all available at every Porsche Classic partner and Porsche center.

All classic tires developed and approved by Porsche are marked with Porsche’s official seal of quality. This common sign for all homologations is “N” on the sidewall. Pirelli said it only decorates tires that “perform well during the testing procedure that takes place before homologation.” To achieve this proof on European test tracks, the new tires have to meet 33 criteria under stringent conditions.

pirelli zero

Pirelli PZero

Aside from the Pirelli CN36, the Pirelli P7 and Pirelli P Zero Rosso were also at Porsche’s disposal during the development stage. In 1994 the Pirelli P Zero Rosso was original equipment for the Porsche 993. This tire is available again in 11 current dimensions.

Authenticity is retained with Pirelli’s recommendations

Pirelli and Porsche say the original tread designs and tire dimensions on the tires will help these historic sports cars maintain an authentic appearance. But modern tire technology is an important part of the new tire recommendations.

“The material properties of the tires allow for the best results in terms of traction and load absorption: the construction corresponds to the 2016 structure,” the companies said.

“Also, the rubber compound contains today’s latest tire technology. These include the latest generation polymers.

“One hallmark of these new tires is excellent grip. Despite having perfect wet grip, these tires roll with very little noise — and meet all official European Union tire regulation criteria.

“Due to this contemporary approach, classic Porsche models with these new tires demonstrate more balanced driving qualities than those with original tires from former years or those using tires of matching size that are not tested and approved by Porsche.”

More information for tire dealers

Find the recommended Pirelli tires for all Porsche models here. (Note, this site is currently in German. Traction News has asked Pirelli for an English version and we will make it available as soon as we receive it.)

Find the recommended Pirelli tire for recent Porsche models here.

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