Phoenix Race Tires adds new 4.5/28.0-15 Front Runner Tire

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Phoenix Race Tires, a division of Coker Tire Company for drag racing tires has unveiled its newest size in the Phoenix Race Tires brand – the 4.5/28.0-15 front runner tire.

This Phoenix front runner tire is sized for mid-size or full-size needing a tall front tire. The new front runner is being developed with the latest tire technology and it is DOT certified. It is designed for drag race use, but it is also a great choice for muscle cars, street rods and gassers, and can see limited highway use. The tread design is a throwback to the Firestone style pattern, which gives this new front runner tire even more appeal to folks racing a nostalgia drag car. While a vintage style tread is in use, the new 4.5/28.0-15 front runner tire is built with modern materials and compounds to ensure a safe, lightweight and long-lasting tire.

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