Overcoming concerns when buying your first car


Buying that first vehicle can be both exciting and downright stressful. The pressure is on to determine where you will be allocating tens of thousands of dollars over the next few years. A car buy makes most other purchases seem trivial in comparison. It is usually the second biggest investment after a home that the average American will make over a lifetime. However, unlike a home that appreciates slowly over time, a vehicle depreciates quickly (unless you are buying collector cars). This makes it all the more critical to consider the full consequences of selecting a particular model and where you have it serviced.

Hedging Against Lemons

A new car buyer is heavily concerned about being suckered into a deal and having problems down the road. They may have seen movies or TV shows where people purchased lemons and fell underwater on loans. Nowadays, lemon laws exist to compensate people who are unfairly swindled into a fraudulent deal that doesn’t meet ordinary expectations. Lemon laws typically go into effect when you purchase a new vehicle under warranty and the dealership is not able to repair it after X number of attempts. These laws vary by state but protect consumers from having significant hardship and downtime with their chosen vehicle.

If you are trying to avoid any surprises and need a reliable automobile, it is probably best to avoid the first production years of any new generation. The first model year of a new generation may be loaded with new features that are being beta tested on the drivers in real-world conditions. The engineers haven’t worked all the bugs out yet because engineering is half science and half pragmatism that doesn’t come into fullness until the beat meets the street.

Protecting Your Big Investment


First-time car buyers are also more concerned about keeping their vehicles in pristine condition. For the savviest car owners, investment in supple leather interiors or a set of custom-fitted neoprene seat covers on any car can save them from dinginess and spills. A set of laser-cut made-to-fit floor mats to catch any spills and muck are also a great investment.

Maintenance & Storage

A new car owner may also worry about long-term maintenance costs and vehicle storage. Having a garage or parking enclosure can keep your vehicle’s paint from fading, reduce the overall wear of weather damage, and protect it from bird droppings that eat away at the paint. Although a vehicle starts out with bumper-to-bumper coverage under the factory warranty, this will probably end within three years. This puts an obligation on the new buyers to understand a little bit about their vehicles so that mechanics don’t try to rip them off.

They have done undercover exposes about car shops preying on vulnerable women who may not know a lot about vehicles. They may recommend non-existent services or unnecessary services simply to pad the bill. If you are not knowledgeable and have little interest in the mechanics of cars, it is vital to consult with someone knowledgeable for advice whenever you think service may be required.

When you first buy your car, you will have to worry about the many expenses that come along with it, including maintenance like oil changes and remembering to rotate your tires consistently. Another expense to remember is car insurance. The price of your coverage will depend on your age, driving history, and insurer. Check out coverage options before committing because you could find cheap auto insurance to help save you more money.

Go Easy on that New Engine

First-time car buyers come in all shapes and sizes. Some may want to race their car right away because they are fascinated with its performance capabilities. This is a really bad idea. Not only are there speed detection devices everywhere these days that will write you a ticket without ever pulling you over, a new engine has to be broken in slowly. You have to keep the RPM’s low, typically well-under red line, and keep the speed limit under 65. Don’t drive too aggressively for at least the first 500 miles because many manufacturers still believe that the piston rings have to seat properly to ensure the long-term precision and durability of the engine.

A new vehicle can add valuable dimension and mobility to your life. Read the consumer reports and keep high maintenance at the dealership or specialist to enjoy your new vehicle purchase for many years to come.

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