Omni United adds to Radar range with new Dimax AS-8


Omni United adds to Radar range with new Dimax AS-8

Singapore-based tire manufacturer Omni United has the latest addition to the Radar brand, the all-season Dimax AS-8.

The tire is a premium all-season sport-touring tire that Omni United claims “takes driver confidence and assurance to the next level”. It takes its styling cues from Radar Dimax R8+ — which was launched last month along with several other new tires. The tire has been designed for high performance cars and SUVs.


Radar Dimax AS-8’s tread

It features an asymmetric tread pattern with large lateral grooves that provide traction and even wear. Omni United says the Dimax AS-8’s optimized tread compound technology “delivers exceptional mileage and performance and has a UTQG rating of up to 600 AA”. It has a large number of lateral sipes that aid traction in snow and slush conditions.

Sizes and release dates for the Dimax AS-8

The Radar Dimax AS-8 will have a total of 79 sizes introduced in three phases. 30 sizes are available now, with 27 additional sizes planned for market introduction in the third quarter of this year and 22 sizes in the fourth quarter.

The Dimax AS-8 has a UTQG of up to 600 AA and is backed by a 50,000 to 60,000 mile warranty depending on the size. The range will cover rim sizes from 16 to 24 inches.

For more information on the Radar Dimax AS-8, email, or visit the Omni United website.

Radar dimax

Radar Dimax AS-8 sidewall

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