Nokian Tires redesigns brand as part of company’s growth strategy

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Nokian Tires announces a redesign of its brand in response to changing consumer needs and in order to become more attractive in the company’s strategic growth areas.

“As a Scandinavian company, taking care of people and the environment comes very naturally to us. We want to be the top choice for demanding consumers – those who look for complete peace of mind by choosing state-of-the-art technology and safety as well as support brands that take responsibility for the planet and its future,” says Nokian Tires’ President & CEO Hille Korhonen.

New brand supports global growth

“Nokian Tires is a very strong player – in winter tires in particular – and we intend to remain so. Our strong roots as a Scandinavian tire manufacturer and a pioneer in challenging conditions enable our successful expansion to other segments, including summer and all-season tires. The new brand emphasises complete peace of mind. In this sense, it supports our growth very well,” Korhonen says.


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Modern brand image that honours Nokian Tires’ extensive history

The redesigned brand image takes inspiration from the simplistic aesthetics of Scandinavian design. Its peaceful colours emphasise soft, natural tones, and the colour palette will continue to include the familiar birch green. The simplified round shape is based on the dimensions of an actual tire and used as a recurring graphical element.

“To celebrate our company’s 120th anniversary and long history, our graphic design takes inspiration from the original typeface that was already used in the 19th century, explains Antti-Jussi Tähtinen,” Vice President, Marketing and Communications.

Watch the video of the new typeface:

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