Nokian Tire introduces new excavator tire: Nokian Ground Kare

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Nokian Tires unveils its latest addition to its excavator and backhoe loader tire range for meadows, roads and railways, the Nokian Ground Kare.

The recent trends in earthmoving include big, multi-function machines with heavy work attachments requiring bigger load-bearing capacity from a tire. Another change is towards faster and longer road transports, which means the tires must offer good road handling properties and withstand the wear and tear of paved roads. The third trend is the need to be gentle to the soil and enable accurate working – essential features when excavating city parks and private yards.

The company said in a press release that their new tire was designed from ground up with these requirements in mind.

“Of course, there is more than that”, says Eva-Leena Varpe, Product Manager at Nokian Tyres. “Grip and stability on site are also the two defining tire features.”

“The Nokian Ground Kare tires feature a purpose-built new tread design for good endurance and low ground pressure”, Varpe sums it up. “To bring the important stability for safe and accurate excavating work, the tires have a special rubber compound that absorbs swings and shocks as well as a very sturdy carcass that allows high operating pressure.”

The tires’ stability is better, as well as the damping of the carcass”, Nokian Ground Kare user Mr. Mark Geurts from the Netherlands says. “This saves time, as every stroke in grading is right the first time.”

“This tread does not move sand side wards”, he says. “It saves me the time-consuming levelling of my track”.

“Heavy auxiliary equipment on multi-function machines can really put tires to the test”, Ms. Varpe says. “Nokian Ground Kare tires give you more margin, and the tire tread wears slowly and evenly for economical use.”


© Nokian Tires

Nokian Ground Kare semi-slick for railroads

The Nokian Ground Kare tire sizes are selected with both wheeled excavators and backhoe loaders in mind. The latter have also one special application worth its own special tire variant – the first of its kind in the world.

“In railroad use, a special backhoe loader is driven on tracks”, Eva-Leena Varpe reminds. “The other half of the tire runs on steel, causing uneven tire wear. Nokian Ground Kare tire is available as a special semi-slick version to counteract this and increase the tire service life”

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