Nokian to increase production of heavy tires by 50%

Nokian Heavy Tyres, part of the Nokian Tires group, is increasing its production capacity by 50% by investing total approximately 70 million Euros in its factory in Nokia, Finland over the following three years. With the capacity increase, approximately 50 new people will be hired for the production of heavy tyres.

“The international heavy tires market has developed positively and our sales has been increasing. We want to support also our customers’ growth by increasing our production capacity in our current factory in Nokia, Finland. Nokia is a natural choice for location due to skilled personnel and capabilities to produce high quality products in the modernised factory,” says Manu Salmi, Vice President for the Nokian Heavy Tyres unit.

The aim is to increase the maximum capacity for heavy tire production from approximately 20 million kg to 32 million kg. Nokian Heavy Tyres has also signed an agreement with local labour union on increasing competitiveness through flexibility. The agreement motivates the personnel to develop multiple skills. This agreement remains in force until the end of 2020.

“We want to grow with focus on customer service, safety and quality. We are taking this important step together with our committed personnel,” Salmi says.

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