Nokian expands all-weather line with the new Nokian WR G4 SUV tire

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Nokian Tires has expanded its modern all-weather product line by launching a new SUV tire for North American drivers designed to offer peace of mind in all conditions. The new Nokian WR G4 SUV is tailored for year-round SUV use and combines high-performance all-season handling and reliable winter grip to serve as a true all-weather tire. The unique next-generation technology from the world’s northernmost tire manufacturer provides enhanced performance on rainy, dry and wintry roads.

Nokian Tires equipped its newest SUV tire with improved wet and snow handling, lower rolling resistance and technology that creates a quieter ride. The Nokian WR G4 SUV’s sidewalls are reinforced with Aramid Sidewall technology that helps the tire withstand cuts caused by surprising situations. Aramid fiber, a material used in the defense and aerospace industries, makes the sidewall compound puncture-resistant and has become an integral feature throughout Nokian Tires’ SUV & LT products.


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Earlier this year, the company introduced the Nokian WR G4 for passenger cars. With the new SUV offering, the Nokian WR G4 all-weather product range covers 78 sizes from 14 to 20 inches with speed ratings from H up to V. The full size selection of this new premium SUV tire will be available to consumers in early 2019.

Rigorous testing for first-class safety

The Nokian WR G4 SUV is designed to work safely and reliably year-round, from heavy winter storms and wet spring days to blistering summer heat.

“The basis of Nokian Tires’ product development is always safety. Our passion for keeping drivers safe in all conditions and our heritage of sustainable innovation were our focuses as we crafted the Nokian WR G4 SUV to achieve balanced all-weather performance,” says Olli Seppälä, Nokian Tires R&D Operations.

Premium tires with a green heart

The Nokian WR G4 SUV is the latest all-weather offering from Nokian Tires aimed at ensuring peace of mind in all four seasons. To support eco-friendly driving, engineers have reduced the tire’s rolling resistance. Easy rolling saves fuel and preserves the environment, as rolling resistance affects the environment throughout the tire’s useful life.

Durable structure and sturdy handling

Powerful SUVs demand a lot from tires. Tires must be strong and firm in order to keep tall, heavy vehicles stable even on rough roads. Nokian Tires’ Aramid Sidewall technology is designed to bring added durability for challenging conditions and surprising events.

“The strong core of Aramid Sidewall technology is the aramid fiber contained in the innovative sidewall structure. The fiber reinforces the sidewall to better withstand cuts that could otherwise easily break the tire and interrupt your trip,” says Seppälä. “Nokian Tires’ Aramid Sidewall technology is yet another innovation aimed at offering peace of mind for North American drivers. SUV drivers find themselves in many challenging situations, but they can take heart that the WR G4 SUV is built to thrive in adverse conditions.”

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