Nexen wins OE endorsement for Porsche Cayenne

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Nexen wins OE endorsement for Porsche Cayenne

Nexen Tire’s N’FERA RU1 will be supplied as original equipment tires on the Porsche Cayenne — the first time the company has done so with any Porsche model.

The company says as a sports vehicle tire, the N’FERA RU1 has “unparalleled cornering stability and sports handling” for high-speed driving. This is down to the tire’s 3D-Nano Grip Technology that maximizes the braking capability of a sports vehicle at high speeds, Fast Reversible Technology which optimizes the steering response and durability, and aramid hybrid cap ply cord and special bead filler compound that enhances handling stability.

Nexen says its high-performance N’Fera SU1 is the “summer tire of choice” when navigating through a sudden storm or cruising on a desert road. This is due to the tire’s three main grooves and one semi-groove designs working together to enhance handling in wet conditions. Increased shoulder block stiffness, distributes pressure evenly and ensures maximum cornering performance.


Nexen N’FERA RU1

Nexen has been expanding OE deals in recent years

The N’FERA RU1 has had a good reception in Europe; it received a grade A in EU tire labeling for excellent wet grip and was awarded noise level 1 — which is the lowest noise level.

“We are thrilled to supply original equipment tires for Porsche for the first time,” said Nexen Tire CEO Travis Kang. “As Porsche is a representative luxury carmaker with prestigious design and performance, this approval for the Porsche Cayenne proves the superior quality and advanced technology of our products.”

Nexen Tire has been expanding supplies of its OE tires to the vehicles of leading global automobile manufacturers since 2012 and says it intends to expand to other Porsche models. The Korean tire giant already supplies OE tires to manufacturers including Chrysler, Chevrolet and SsangYong. It has three manufacturing facilities — two in Korea and one in Qingdao, China — and a new manufacturing plant is slated for construction in Zatec, Czech Republic in 2018.

In 2014 the company achieved a grand slam of the world’s top four design awards for the first time among the various tire makers in the world. More information on the N’FERA RU1 is available on Nexen’s website.

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