Nexen Tire unveils new all-Season tire and Winter Tire in Europe

© Nexen Tire

Nexen Tire announced the launch of its all new N’blue 4Season Van and updated Winguard winSpike 3 tires in the European market.

The two products have been designed for optimal performances in all kinds of weather conditions, and for cold regions with severe winters, respectively.

Key features of new N’blue 4Season Van tire

■ Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake (3PMSF) all-season tire that does not require changing
■ Robust design structured for European vans, optimal for stable driving and handling under heavy load conditions
■ Applied with new cap tread that allows long-term mileage performance
■ Winter kerf applied to reinforce snow performance with optimized pattern design for wet and snow surfaces

Key features of updated Winguard winSpike 3 tire

■ Exclusively developed new studdable PCR tire for Russia/Nordic regions to strengthen competitiveness and enhance product quality
■ Stud pins arranged, which allows even grip force at every moment with stronger braking performance
■ Unique Nexen 3D Kerf technology improves optimal performance on snow and ice surfaces

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