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Nexen Tire achieves milestone: 500 million tires produced with zero recalls

Nexen Tire America announced since 2000, the company has manufactured more than 500 million tires without a single recall.

Nexen Tire has implemented precision tire-manufacturing guidelines throughout its four tire manufacturing plants across the globe – two in the South Korean cities of Yangsan and Changnyeong, one in Qingdao, China, and its newest plant in Zatech, Czech Republic — ensuring all tires meet the company’s strict global manufacturing standards. Each year, Nexen Tire produces more than 42 million tires for passenger cars, CUV/SUVs and light trucks, and the company supplies Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) tires for more than twenty global car makers in North and South America, Asia and Europe.

“Nexen Tire is known globally for having some of the most stringent quality control standards in the tire industry, and we feel our milestone of 21 years with zero recalls is truly a testament to our commitment to safety,” said John Hagan, executive vice president of sales for Nexen Tire America, Inc. “We plan to build on this incredible achievement with an aggressive growth plan to become a global top 10 tire manufacturer by 2025, and we are confident our proven manufacturing process will get us there.”

Nexen Tire meets the demands of OEMs and consumers by utilizing advanced technology and with unsurpassed uniformity through quality design. Globally, each tire Nexen produces undergoes multiple phases of the manufacturing process and tires, designed for sale in the United States, and are stored at one of Nexen’s three regional distribution centers.

Nexen Tire has streamlined its tire manufacturing by using a highly sophisticated seven-step process. From mixing compounds to curing and everything in between, each Nexen tire is manufactured using the company’s state-of-the-art automated procedure.

What sets Nexen apart from other tire manufacturers is its testing process. On the last step of production, every tire is subjected to an additional five-step checklist before shipping to one of Nexen’s distribution centers.

This testing includes:

  • Visual test – Visual inspection of the tire’s interior, exterior and bead
  • Weight Distribution – Tested using an ultrasonic beam to verify consistent weight distribution before wheel assembly
  • Dynamic Balance – Testing that measures balancing and optimal air pressure after wheel assembly
  • Uniformity Test – Ensures the uniformity and rigidity of the size of the tire
  • X-Ray – Verifies the inside of the tires and structure of belts are free of manufacturing defects and foreign materials

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