New warranty deals for Forceum, Zeetex and Accelera

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New warranty deals for Forceum, Zeetex and Accelera

Zafco has introduced an upgraded mileage warranty on house brand tires Zeetex, Accelera, and Forceum to “gain an edge” on its competition.

“Not only is mileage warranty becoming an important added value in the industry, we are confident about the performance of our products, so we’re offering mileage warranty up to 45,000 miles,” said Zafco International chief operating officer Giovanni Arrigone.

“The tires are of high quality and come from Indonesia, and the manufacturing technology is state of the art, and so they deliver longer tread life. We’ve recently revamped some of our tire patterns and updated them for improved performance, noise and driving comfort.”

What do dealers need to know?

Under all three brands’ limited warranty conditions, if any eligible tire becomes unserviceable because of a covered warranty condition, Zeetex, Accelera or Forceum will replace the tire with a comparable new tire 100 percent free of charge (less applicable fees, taxes and costs of mounting and balancing). This is providing it is during the first 2/32” of the original usable tread, or within 12 months of the date it was purchased.

After that time, and providing the tire is still within 60 months of the date it was bought, credit will be pro-rated towards the purchase of a comparable, with the credit determined by the percentage of original tread depth remaining on the tire and less applicable fees.

The limited warranties cover all new Zeetex, Accelera and Forceum brand replacement radial tires purchased after May 1, 2016, supplied either directly or through an authorized dealer, which are mounted on passenger cars, vans and light trucks and have been used on the same vehicle they were originally installed on.

Accelera on the market

Zafco launched the all-season Zeetex ZT3000 — an eco-friendly alternative passenger tire and its affordable racing tire — a “track tire made for the street” – the Accelera Delta Sport at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas last year.

Accelera tires are ultra-high-performance tires designed to provide maximum grip, comfort and protection without “compromising on style,” Zafco says. Developed especially for drivers interested in tire technology that enhances vehicle performance and safety, Accelera tires provide “durability, handling, and traction while increasing tread life.”

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