Mickey Thompson releases new Sportsman S/R Skinny Front Radial tire

© Mickey Thompson

Mickey Thompson expanded its Sportsman S/R front radial tire line for drivers of high-horsepower late-model street cars who wants to have a true drag race look and performance.

The skinny front tire solution for today’s heavy muscle cars, the Sportsman S/R front radial is now available in a 28X6.00R18LT size that carries up to 1,650 pounds per tire at 95 psi. Rated at load range F and approved for 4- to 5-inch-wide wheels, the tire pairs well with Mickey Thompson’s ET Street S/S & ET Street R (radial) rear tire lines for a top street performance combination.

Particularly suited for modern high-performance street cars, the Sportsman S/R radial also offers decreased weight for easier launches and quicker ETs at the track.

Untitled design

“Featuring a unique flamed tread pattern while providing a classic skinny tire appearance, the Sportsman S/R radial is a must-have for hot rodders and racers alike,” said Ken Warner, Vice President of Mickey Thompson.

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