SEMA: Here are all Mickey Thompson’s new tires

James Lawrence’s BlownZ Camaro is riding on Mickey Thompson 12x5 Pro 5 Drag Wheels, and ET Pro Drag Radial (29.5/10.5R15) and ET Front (26/4.0-15). © Mickey Thompson

SEMA: Here are all Mickey Thompson’s new tires

Mickey Thompson revealed its new logo and expanded product ranges at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas this week.

Thomspon logo

Mickey Thompson’s new logo

The new branding is meant to represent the company looking forward, while still giving a nod to the company’s heritage.

But let’s get to the tires. Here’s what the Mickey Thompson team announced about their product ranges.

Baja ATZ P3

The all-terrain Baja ATZ P3 tire line has been expanded to include two new sizes, the LT325/50R22 (35X13.00R22) and 37X13.50R22LT.

Marketing vice president Ken Warner said the new fitments represent their first 22-inch diameter light truck radials.


Baja ATZ

“The 35- and 37-inch tires are very popular with our customers, and the new Baja ATZ P3 fitments are the perfect choice for enthusiasts who want a tire that looks great, and provides excellent on and off-road performance.”

Designed with three-ply PowerPly sidewall construction, beefy tread blocks and an extra-wide footprint, this all-terrain tire is designed for off-road use and performs in mud and snow.

Baja MTZ P3

The Baja MTZ P3 now includes two new 18-inch sizes — the LT275/70R18 and LT295/70R18 — covering a wide range of the most popular trucks, SUVs and 4×4 vehicles.

Warner said the new 18-inch sizes are made to perform both on the street and in challenging terrain.

The product line now also includes five new tall, wide sizes including the LT375/65R16 (36X15.00R16LT), 36X15.50R20LT, 38X15.50R20LT, 40X13.50R17LT and 40X14.50R20LT for today’s popular trucks, SUVs and 4x4s.

baja mtz

Baja MTZ P3

The Baja MTZ P3 features a unique silica-reinforced tread compound for longer wear and superior cut and chip resistance. The tread features siped tread lugs for better traction and stone ejection, and shoulder scallops with mud-pocket scoops to deliver great performance in the mud. The sidewall is reinforced with Mickey Thompson’s PowerPly technology.

ET Drag

The ET Drag product line has two new sizes for the drag strip — 24.5/9.0-13 and 33.0/15.0-15S.

Senior product development manager Jason Moulton said: “The new ET Drag sizes feature our proprietary X8 compound. The X8 compound is a tougher, cooler running compound designed for consistent, reliable performance in a variety of race environments.”


ET Drag

ET Front

The ET Front is now available in two new 17-inch sizes and two additional 15-inch sizes.

“The new 17-inch sizes are designed for late model vehicles with big brakes,” Moulton said. “They provide improved strut clearance and are lighter weight for better stability at higher speeds.”

“The new 15-inch sizes are narrower for racers who need that fitment,” continued Moulton. “Because the tread patch is narrower, the tire is also lighter with less rolling resistance.”

ET Street Radial Pro

The ET Street Radial Pro is now available in size P315/60R15 for the drag strip.

“With this new size, racers will take the Outlaw Drag Radial class to a new level of performance,” Moulton said.

The ET Street Radial Pro uses the latest radial technology for quicker elapsed times. Minimal tread void delivers maximum traction, and the tapered-depth tread technology means powerful launches at the starting line. It’s DOT approved for racing and isn’t meant for street use.

Radial Pro

ET Street Radial Pro

ET Street SS

ET Street S/S has been expanded to include 12 additional sizes and is now available in a range of 18 popular 15- to 20-inch sizes. The line will be expanded again in the first quarter of 2017 to include three additional sizes — P305/45R17, P275/45R18 and P285/35R19.

The ET Street S/S is a performance radial street tire that’s drag-strip ready. It combines the Mickey Thompson R2 drag tire compound with polyester-ply, steel belted, tubeless radial construction to deliver performance, strength and reliability.

DOT approved for street use, the ET Street S/S is recommended for dry traction.

ET Street R

Mickey Thompson will soon expand the ET Street R product line with the addition of a new bias size, 28X11.50-17LT, that’s scheduled for availability the first quarter of 2017, and five new sizes — P205/50R15, P275/60R15, P295/65R15, P275/40R17 and P325/35R18.

Deegan 38

Mickey Thompson will soon expand the popular Deegan 38 product line with the addition of the new Deegan 38 A/T all-terrain tire line.

Scheduled for availability the first quarter of 2017, the Deegan 38 A/T will debut in 29 popular 15- to 20-inch sizes for light truck, SUV and 4×4, including LT metric sizes with increased towing capacity.



Pro Bracket Radial

Also available in early 2017 will be two new sizes of the Pro Bracket Radial — 31.0/13.5R15 and 32.0/14.0R15.

SideBiter II

And finally, the SideBiter II wheel line will expand in early 2017, with the addition of 10 new 20- to 22-inch sizes for today’s taller, wider, light truck tire sizes.

For more information on any of Mickey Thompson’s new tires, visit the website.

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