Mickey Thompson expands ET Street sizes

Mickey Thompson made three announcements during the month of March concerning new sizes in their ET Street lines of tires. Traction News combines those three stories into one to save you valuable time.

ET Street S/S Series receives three new sizes

The second week of March saw an announcement from M/T that their ET Street S/S tires were getting three new sizes: P305/45R17, P275/45R18, and P285/35R19. Vice President of Marketing Ken Warner said, “The ET Street S/S is a truly incredible street performance tire that’s also ready for the drag strip on the weekend. These new sizes have been specially designed for the high-horsepower demands of late-model vehicles. They handle confidently on the street and really perform at the strip.”


Mickey Thompson’s ET Street S/S tire line got a total of six new sizes in March.

ET Street R sees five new sizes


Mickey Thompson’s ET Street R drag racing radial.

The ET Street R line of tires is designed mainly for drag racing applications. The 14th of March also saw the company announcing five new sizes in the ET Street R line of tires: P205/50R15, P275/60R15, P295/65R15, P275/40R17 and P325/35R18. Warner said, “The new sizes of the popular ET Street R are in high demand in the racing community. We’ve developed these new sizes using our record-setting ET Street Radial Pro technology at the drag strip.” The minimal tread void design of the tire, which is DOT-approved, is particularly suited for high-horsepower applications.

ET Street S/S gets three more new sizes

Three days later the company announced three new sizes for its popular ET Street S/S line of tires, bringing the total to six new sizes announced for this tire line. The three additional new sizes are P305/45R17, P275/45R18 and P285/35R19. Dry traction performance and reliability are delivered by the combination of polyester-ply, steel-belted, tubeless radial construction combined with Mickey Thompson’s popular R2 drag tire compound. These new sizes bring to 21 the number of sizes available in the ET Street S/S lineup.

For more information, including the spec sheet, visit the Mickey Thompson website.

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