Michelin Truck Tires unveil fleet innovations at NACV show

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Michelin Americas Truck Tires is showcasing its fleet innovations during the inaugural North American Commercial Vehicle (NACV) show in Atlanta, Ga. Michelin will feature its total solution for fleet products and services:

  • The introduction of Michelin’s most fuel-efficient, dual-drive, line-haul tire that can save hundreds of dollars annually (1);
  • A line extension of a regional drive-position tire with advanced regenerating tread;
  • And a discussion of the Michelin tires used on the Class 8 trucks during “Run on Less,” a first-of-its-kind cross-country roadshow to showcase advancements in fuel efficiency.

Available immediately, the new Michelin XDA Energy + is a dual drive-position tire for line-haul applications. The XDA Energy + is designed for fleets and owner-operators who are focused on fuel savings to reduce their operating costs. Fuel savings is driven by an innovative FuelSaver compound formula for ultra-low rolling resistance. Compliant with SmartWay, California Air Resources Board and a significant contributor to Greenhouse Gas Phase II regulations, the tire supports fleet sustainability and green initiatives. Confident in the tire’s fuel-efficiency capability, Michelin will offer a limited guarantee of $400 per truck in fuel savings. Fleets can contact their local Michelin representative to schedule a fuel evaluation of the XDA ENERGY+ versus a competitive product.


Michelin XDA Energy

“Helping fleets to increase their competitiveness in the market is our goal,” said Adam Murphy, vice president of marketing for Michelin Americas Truck Tires. “One of the main levers fleets have to improve their competitiveness is improving their fuel efficiency, and tires like the new Michelin XDA Energy + can play a key role. With rolling resistance accounting for approximately 35 percent of the total fuel cost of a Class 8 truck(2), the Michelin XDA Energy + provides seven percent better rolling resistance than a leading competitor for unparalleled fuel savings(3).”

The XDA Energy + features wide circumferential grooves for efficient water evacuation and grooved, angled walls to help resist stone retention that can lead to stone drilling that potentially damages the casing. The sidewall also features TW6 OzoneShield technology for increased protection against weathering. The tire features a durable Michelin casing capable of supporting multiple retreads reducing maintenance costs.

The Michelin XDA Energy + comes with the 7/7/3 manufacturer’s limited casing guarantee(4). This includes coverage against defects in workmanship and materials for 700,000 miles, seven years or three retreads from the date of manufacture when retreaded by an authorized Michelin Retread Technologies (MRT) dealer. Details of the guarantee are on our web site at The tire is available in the United States and Canada in 275/80R22.5 size in load range G.

With the accelerated growth in the regional drive market, Michelin has added a 275/80R22.5 low-profile size of the Michelin X Multi D to its portfolio, for regional fleet vehicles to lower overall truck height, improve clearance issues and also help improve aerodynamics for fuel efficiency. The line, launched in July, is targeted for use in less-than-truckload, pick-up and delivery, food and beverage, and other demanding vocational segments. Many regional fleets across the country are moving to low profile tires to gain fuel economy and tire life advantages, which underscores the value of making this size available to the market.


Michelin X Multi D

“The majority of freight in the U.S. is moved by tractor trailer,” said Henry Albert of Albert Transport Inc. “I was one of the seven truck fleets who participated in Run On Less. Each of us used different technologies to achieve the best fuel economy possible and I counted on Michelin X Line Energy Z, X One Line Energy D and X One Line Energy T as part of my fuel efficiency equation. I was very pleased with the results.”

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