YouTube stars join teen driver tire safety campaign

Automobile crashes are the top killer of teens in America. Of the 2.2 million crashes a year, 12 percent involve new drivers. It’s an alarming statistic but what makes it all the more tragic that those deaths are so preventable.

In a bid to help keep young lives safe on our roads, Michelin and the American Driver and Traffic Safety Education Association (ADTSEA) have teamed up to create a new education campaign that will roll-out across several States. Among several initiatives they’ve enlisted the help of teen YouTube superstars Jack and Jack, Alexis G. Zall and Brent Rivera to deliver the tire safety message in a way young drivers will find engaging.

YouTuber stars Jack and Jack are teaching teens about tire safety Credit: Michelin/Jack and Jack

Reinforcing the message tires are vital to road safety

Michelin and the Federation Internationale de l’Automobile have created an entire series of videos designed to teach young driver about tire safety but this is not just an awareness campaign. ADTSEA has also created the first tire-safety training module for driving instructors, which will run alongside it.

The module aims to standardize tire-safety education, teaching them about common dangers like insufficient tread depth or improper tire inflation. It will be adopted in the six States that use ADTSEA 3.0 for driver education — Hawaii, Illinois, Michigan, New York, North Carolina and Virginia. Other states set to draw on the program are Minnesota, Wisconsin and Utah. But it’s available for free right around the country and you can check it out on the ADTSEA website.

How to help education local teen drivers

Whether or not you’re in one of those States adopting the program and its associated campaign, there are great resources there you can draw on to lead the young driver safety issue in your area.

Check out this infographic from Michelin and FIA:

You could have it professionally printed and put on the wall in your reception area or left among the reading material in the waiting area. Perhaps leave a copy in your after-care package — especially if your customer is likely to have teenage drivers in their family. Or leave them with a copy of this glovebox guide, which is ideal to remind drivers of all ages about the regular checks they should be doing before hitting the road.

Michelin has also created a great website where you can direct young customers (or their parents). It’s called Beyond The Driving Test and it has information to help them learn the basics about vehicle maintenance.

If you’re using social media, share the videos on Facebook or Twitter. This is content designed precisely for that purpose. Michelin wants you to share it. It’s a great way to associate yourself and your business with a potentially life-saving campaign that should be close to all our hearts.

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