Michelin UK releases repair guide for Agricultural Tires

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Michelin is supporting farmers and agricultural contractors with a free downloadable guide; ‘What You Need to Know About Agricultural Tyre Repairs’.

The easy-to-understand booklet details the essentials to be aware of before starting an agricultural tire repair job; from when a repair should be considered, if a temporary repair is suitable and for how long, to whether to choose hot or cold vulcanizing repair techniques.

Due to advances in technology, it is no longer recommended that farmers carry out their own tire repairs, but the lack of legislation means anyone can set up a business repairing agricultural tires, leading to huge variations in quality. The guide provides tips on how to spot the danger signs of a botched repair job, and how to get in contact with an accredited repairer you can trust.


Martyn Pointer, Commercial Director for Michelin’s agricultural division in the UK, Ireland and Nordic markets, comments: “Farm tires represent a significant outlay and they need to deliver a long life in service. A poor-quality repair can cost dearly if it leads to additional machine downtime, and leaving a temporary repair in for too long can void your tire warranty altogether.

“We’ve created this guide so farmers and contractors have key information on tire repair to hand, helping protect the equipment that holds up their machinery – and business.”

Divided into simple, easily-digestible sections, the booklet covers everything a farmer needs to know about agricultural tire repair.

To download the guide, visit the Michelin website at

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