Michelin launches digital services for fleet managers

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At Solutrans 2017, Michelin solutions presents four innovative digital services designed to help drivers and fleet managers get the most from their assets and their activity. These apps will help them achieve not only the best performance and lowest total cost of use, but also greatly simplify the most common tasks of fleet management. This is a new phase in the digital revolution; applied to fleet management.

These services each transform one aspect of fleet management:

  • MyBestRoute allows the smartest route suitable for transport professionals to be chosen
  • MyInspection digitalises and standardises vehicle inspection
  • MyTraining digitalises and facilitates driver training
  • MyRoadChallenge rewards good driving practices; improving the safety and motivation of drivers

Fleet managers and transport entrepreneurs all have personal goals and ambitions for their business, whether it is to optimise costs, unify their staff, improve daily working processes, or better manage their fleet management. Michelin solutions helps them achieve this by developing a tailor-made set of customisable services, with each client being free to advance as he wishes, thanks to offers and options being offered “à la carte”. It is for the fleet manager to structure his own offer by choosing the most relevant offers to achieve his specific objectives.

For many years, Michelin solutions has been providing tyre management for the fleets of transport professionals, with PPK (price per kilometer) contracts. This Effitires offer was supplemented more recently by Michelin Tire Care, which provides a series of diagnostic tools to facilitate the in-house management of tyres in the fleets. At Solutrans 2015, Michelin solutions introduced Effitrailer, an offer that optimises the management of semi-trailers.

“Today, Michelin solutions looks beyond the performance of single vehicles, to offer Fleet Managers new solutions to improve the management of their day-to-day activities, as well as their employees. Digitalising the most complicated operations and procedures, federating and motivating employees: this is the objective of the new services presented by Michelin solutions”, Philippe Miret, Michelin Solutions President said.

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