Michelin Energy Guard combined with X One tires reveal fuel savings

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According to an independent third-party certified fuel-economy testing by Melissa Valley Transportation Solutions, the Michelin Energy Guard system coupled with a Michelin X One tire package demonstrated a combined fuel savings of 17.01 gallons/1000 mile.

The Michelin Energy Guard is a SmartWay-verified and CARB-compliant solution from Michelin Aerodynamic Solutions.

“Our goal, through continued testing, was to provide certified fuel economy performance test data results that fleets can use to confidently make purchasing decisions about aerodynamic trailer solutions and realize real-world savings,” said Calvin Bradley, technical leader, Michelin Aerodynamic Solutions, Michelin North America. “The newest testing confirms these significant results and validates our product from others on the market.”

Two 2015 International LT tractors with Cummins ISX 15-liter engines and Eaton 10-speed automated manual transmissions hauled 53-foot Hyundai dry vans to perform the tests. This combination had a 72,000-pound gross vehicle weight. The vehicles were thoroughly inspected and received regular maintenance prior to testing. The tractors and trailers were fitted with wide-base single tires set at 100 PSI. One vehicle was fitted with Michelin X Line Energy Z on the steer position, Michelin X One Line Energy D on the drive position and Michelin X One Line Energy T on the trailer position; the other vehicle was outfitted with a competitor brand. All tires were EPA SmartWay-approved and had a 500-mile break-in procedure using the same vehicle and load.

The Michelin X One tire package alone saved 6.70 gallons/1000 miles, the combination of the two yields significant fuel savings of 17.01 gallons/1000 miles1. This can reduce a fuel bill by up to 12.6% or up to $5,195 per truck per year2. To learn more about this winning combination, visit

“MVTS-certified testing is a much more advanced and reliable method for predicting fuel savings,” said Daryl Bear, lead engineer and COO, MVT Solutions, LLC. “The results provided are comparable with what a progressive fleet can expect in real-world operations. Combining fuel-efficient tires with aerodynamics can save a fleet significant fuel and money.”

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