Michelin launches X Multi Energy tire for regional transport

© Michelin

Completing the tire range for regional haulage operations, Michelin launches the X Multi Energy, a tire which along with X Multi, replaces the X Multiway 3D and offers a distinct product choice for Regional haulage operators – fuel saving priority or longevity priority.

The Michelin X Multi was launched in 2017 and gives up to 20 per cent more mileage than the X Multiway 3D; the X Multi Energy is the complement and delivers a fuel saving of up to 1.2 litres per 100 kilometers compared to its predecessor.

Building on the excellent performance levels of the X Multiway 3D it now gives a choice dependent on the operations (time spent on motorways, number of deliveries per day, etc.) and the operators preference for tire longevity or fuel saving.

As a consequence of the ultra-low rolling resistance and fuel economy, the Michelin X Multi Energy is being fully adapted and homologated by all the major truck manufacturers since late
2017, and is available on the replacement market from early April 2018 in 315/70 R 22.5 in both all-round fitment and drive axle patterns

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