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Comprehensive vehicle maintenance also includes tires, which are of great importance at any time of the year. Poor summer tires increase the braking distance and cause problems with the steering in wet conditions. With winter tires in poor condition, traction is worse and the vehicle is harder to keep on track. To determine the current tire condition, a mobile tire scanner can provide quick relief. Within a very short time, the current tread depth and the wear of the tire is detected.

For car workshops, tire dealers or car dealerships, the Anyline tire tread scanner means great added value. With the tire scanner, one can save on hardware, training and maintenance costs while receiving objective and trustworthy results. By replacing subjective manual measurement with objectively captured digital data, the Anyline tire tread scanner reduces compliance and safety risks.

What technology can be used to measure tire tread?

Statistics in the past have shown that many people are too careless when it comes to handling their tires. According to NHTSA, over 11,000 accidents occurred on US roads last year as a direct result of tire defects. Many of those responsible for accidents have never determined the tread depth or wear of their tires. Therefore, a large number of accidents are also due to excessive wear in tires, with some even fatal.

The penny test for measuring tire depth

There are several solutions on the market that could remedy the situation and cost very little. The most known and probably the most used technique to measure tire tread depth by the common driver is the penny test. The penny, as you know, features Lincoln, and in doing so, the coin is virtually inserted into the profile of the tire with Lincoln upside down. If Lincoln’s head disappears, the tire has sufficient tread depth. If this way of measuring tire tread depth is very inexpensive and available to any motorist with a simple coin at hand, it obviously lacks accuracy. This form of measurement is not sufficient to give a qualitative answer about the condition of the tires. The method is simply too inaccurate for this.

Using a tire tread gauge

A trustworthy alternative to the classic penny test is available on the market. A tire tread gauge can be used to measure wear. This is a mechanical tool that is pressed directly onto the tire and a scale indicates the existing tread depth. The tire tread gauge can be purchased relatively inexpensively in stores and already provides better results than the Penny test. However, the tire tread gauge has a major shortcoming. The measurement of the tread depth on the tires is not documented. Car dealers, car repair shops or tire dealers would like to document the measurement for the future, on the one hand to increase safety for their customers and on the other hand to recommend timely action.

Laser scanning technology for tire tread measurement

Laser scanning technology for measuring tire treads is already a significant advance. Here, light is cast onto the tread, which is reflected back to the scanner. This creates an overall image of the tire that shows wear very clearly. However, laser scanning technology for measuring tire treads also has its weaknesses, because the acquisition costs are very high and often the data obtained must be manually transferred to the system. This results in a large number of errors that lead to inaccurate documentation.

This is new: Optical tire tread scanners for mobile phones

Anyline has made significant technical progress in tire tread measurement, providing the necessary support for many. Handling is relatively simple, as the camera of a standard cell phone is used to measure the exact tread depth. Using state-of-the-art computer vision and AI, a 3D model of each tread is created, resulting in a precise digital measurement that can be instantly stored and shared with customers.

The obtained result can be transferred to the developed app of the customer or the employee immediately after the measurement. In this way, valuable data is no longer lost. This technical solution, which can be used immediately without training, allows tire tread scanning to be performed at any time. In the private sector, users can determine whether or not new tires are necessary before each tire change.

Employees in car workshops or car dealerships have the opportunity to improve their service. Within a very short time, the tread depth can be determined and a professional and accurate recommendation can be made to the customer.

What is the key difference with laser technology?

Anyline’s and general laser technology’s approach to tire tread measurement are similar, yet very different. Creating a 3D model of each tire in order to measure tire tread depth – the use of a camera instead of a laser beam is a game changer.

No expensive device is necessary for the measurement. Instead, cell phones that have a camera are used. The measurement data can be easily transferred to an app, where it can be stored and used for future applications.

The technology can be made available to any of the 6.6 billion smartphone users in the world with a simple mobile app. From a monthly check at home to a thorough maintenance in repair shops, an optical tire tread scanner can help evaluate if a tire needs to be replaced and keeps everyone safer on the road.

The advantages of the mobile tire tread scanner at a glance:

● Accurate tread depth measurement for any camera-enabled mobile device.
● Delivers reliable results no matter the user or the environment.
● Easy and intuitive to use, with minimal training required.
● Provides objective digital evidence of each tire tread depth measurement.

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