Maxam unveils all-new solid telehandler tire: the MS709

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Maxam Tire has unveiled the all-new solid telehandler tire, the MS709, to their range of construction tires.

Manufactured in the all-new state-of-the-art specialty solid tire facility located in Vietnam, the MS709 is developed through cutting-edge engineering and groundbreaking compounding technology. Maxam has engineered the MS7m09 solid telehandler to provide the industry with a rugged and long-lasting solution for demanding construction applications.

Made from 100% rubber, the MS709 two-stage construction provides durability and the highest standard of ride quality in the industry. The unique, reinforced centerline eliminates lug flexing and tearing that commonly occurs in many solid telehandler tires. To elevate the product performance, Maxam incorporated a specialized tread compound that runs cooler, resisting wear and chunking.

The Maxam engineering team added an extra deep, aggressive non-directional traction pattern to the MS709 to maximize traction and eliminate tire slippage. With a zero-maintenance airless tire construction, the MS709 removes the potential of tire flats due to punctures or sidewall damage as well as routine air pressure checks. Featuring the Maxam signature Double-D apertures, the MS709 provides additional cushion in the harsh working environment.

The MS709 solid telehandler will be offered in two common telehandler sizes as noted in the below chart. Available as tire-only or mounted tire/wheel assembly for most telehandler machines, the MS709 is a rugged solution that maximizes application resilience in the working environment.


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