Maxam TIre adds two new sizes to MS708 Wheel Loader tire

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With the scrap and waste industry constantly innovating and creating more efficient machinery, Maxam Tire has adapted with the industry by adding two new sizes to the MS708 series specifically for modern machinery. The MS708 series is now available in 30/75-29 & 18.00-25, providing a zero-maintenance, three-stage solution to heavy-duty wheel loaders and underground mining applications.

The MAXAM MS708 is one of the most progressive solid off-the-road tires on the market, constantly evolving for wheeled loaders operating in the most severe waste, recycling, and underground mining applications. With the addition of the specific sizes, MAXAM can now deliver this innovative design to even more cutting-edge equipment. The 18.00-25 is a size for underground mining, while the 30/75-29 is a solid tire replacement for heavy-duty loader applications using 29.5R25, 29.5R29, and 875/65R29 sizes.

The low durometer center compound combined with patented “Double D” apertures allows the MS708 to provide an excellent ride versus 2-stage products. Featuring an innovative high traction and wearable tread pattern with 50% tread rubber, the MS708 delivers the deepest wearable tread in the market. Increasing its footprint as it wears and transitions through four distinct tread patterns, the MS708 ends in a standard L5 pattern to provide maximum tire life. Incorporating a 25% heat-dissipating body, the MS708 delivers effective heat dissipation and superior ride quality.

The MS708 delivers maximum strength, extreme traction, and high value. Manufactured using technologically advanced equipment and proprietary building and curing processes, the MS708 is made to perform. This process, unlike most manufacturers, eliminates tread separation and delamination defects for extended wear rates. Available in smooth and traction tread designs for maximum versatility in all applications, MAXAM has the solution for severe applications.

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