Maxam Brings VF Technology to the Agilxtra Series

VF Technology is now available for I-3 flotation and heavy-load implement tires

MAXAM tire, a global leader in specialty tire manufacturing is improving farmers’ and growers’ productivity by introducing new VF sizes to the AGILXTRA I-3 implement product series. MAXAM’s AGILXTRA VF technology solutions deliver the capability to carry heavier loads at high speeds while ensuring both increased tire traction and minimizing soil compaction.

MAXAM continues to focus its efforts on developing VF technology solutions that can meet the challenge of mixed terrains, loads, applications, and high speeds without compromising performance or endurance. With the ever-increasing demand for more yield and greater food production, the farming market is demanding larger equipment in both size and load capable of operating at higher speeds. Focused on delivering maximum productivity as well as improved performance, MAXAM’s VF technology tires are engineered to meet the most demanding applications without compromising crop yields.

MAXAM’s AGILXTRA products are radial tires designed with a steel-belted construction utilizing a directional tread design to ensure longer treadwear, improved stability, and high resistance to punctures or field hazards. Our optimized tread pattern ensures excellent field traction, roading, and self-cleaning while minimizing vibrations at high transport speeds. Now coupled with VF Technology, our new sizes in the AGILXTRA series will allow implements or tankers to either carry 40% more tire load at normal air pressures or operate at 40% less air pressure for the same tire load significantly reducing ground pressure. This technological advantage enables the tires to work in either heavier load or higher speed applications and/or reduce the impact on soil conditions ensuring increased productivity or crop yields. Backed by a world-class tire warranty, MAXAM is committed to protecting customers’ investments while ensuring exceptional product performance.

“With the AGILXTRA series now available in VF technology, once again MAXAM meets its pledge to design the most capable solutions for the agricultural industry. The addition of VF technology to our AGRIXTRA family of products and now to our new AGILXTRA I-3 implement products is another symbol of MAXAM’s commitment to delivering business solutions to the global agricultural market and for the future of the industry,” says Greg Gilland, Vice President of Global Agriculture at MAXAM Tire.

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