Hunter unveils new HunterNet 2 shop solution for tire dealers


Hunter Engineering unveils the new HunterNet 2, a revolutionary shop solution featuring real-time equipment results, return on investment, and other tools to help you run your business.

The HunterNet 2 portal shows you how much you are earning from these services, how often you are performing them, and if you are meeting your goal. Everyone talks about return on investment for equipment, but only Hunter connected equipment and HunterNet 2 portal proves it to you, every day.

HunterNet 2 provides real-time business KPIs:

  • Equipment Return on Investment
  • See revenue potential of key services
  • Set and monitor goals
  • View daily and monthly equipment use
  • See every store in the business

HunterNet 2 also delivers convenience:

  • Purchase Hunter consumables online anytime day or night
  • View Your Equipment and access detailed results
  • Connect with local Hunter team
  • Get the latest Hunter news
  • Access every store in the business

Whether you have a shop full of Hunter connected equipment, or just want more convenience in conducting your Hunter business, HunterNet 2 can help you. HunterNet 2 is currently available for all Hunter customers throughout North America at no added cost. Online consumable purchasing is available for the United States only.

Contact your local Hunter team at to get your shop connected today.

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