Hunter Engineering releases performance-driven tool for inspection equipment

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Hunter Engineering’s new performance-driven tool, Push Reports, is now available for shops with Hunter inspection equipment. Push Reports boost shop performance by automatically providing managers with actionable data from their Hunter inspection technology.

“Shops are investing in inspection equipment that provides the best return on investment,” said Alan Hagerty, Hunter Product Manager. “Now supercharged with Push Reports, Hunter inspection equipment is more valuable and profitable than ever before.”

Hunter’s revenue-generating inspection equipment is used by thousands of rooftops worldwide to quickly identify vehicle alignment and tire needs. Hunter’s new autonomous inspection system is able to automatically measure alignment and tire tread in seconds – no labor or stopping required, allowing shops to check every vehicle that comes through their doors.

With Push Reports, shops can now take even greater advantage of their Hunter inspection systems by setting daily performance goals and better identifying presented, achieved and missed opportunities to sell alignments and tires. Custom, easy-to-understand reports can be automatically pushed via text or email, allowing managers and owners to easily see shop performance and ensure the utmost utilization in their Hunter inspection systems.

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