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Choosing the best tire changer is certainly more difficult than in times past. The proliferation of sizes and types of tires make choosing a tire changer model to fit every need more complicated.

When to Choose Table Top Tire Changers

In many cases a traditional table-top tire changer with a side shovel is a great choice. They are strong, powerful and familiar for most technicians.

When to Choose a Center Clamp Tire Changer

But today’s expensive rims and challenging tires have spawned a new class of center-clamp tire changer. These models generally offer premium rim protection and often feature bead loosening using rollers.
When Choosing a Tire Changer, the Choice Is Yours

Regardless of configuration, Hunter offers several models of tire changers from modest to very powerful. Virtually all tire changers models can also be equipped with leverless heads and/or wheel lifts.


Click here to download Hunter’s full Tire Changer Decision Guide (.pdf)

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