How Video Marketing Can Boost Automotive Business Sales Profits

Is your automotive business failing to measure up to your sales profit expectations? Don’t worry. You need to integrate video marketing into your digital campaign strategy to expand your business outreach. Why? Because a study conducted by Google has revealed that purchasing decision of 75% of customers  in the auto segment has been influenced by persuasive online videos. Videos offer a stellar opportunity for lead nurturing and increasing in-store traffic for auto dealers. This happens through the optimum engagement of customers across purchasing funnel.

Top Reasons for Investing in Video Marketing for Stepping up Auto Sales

You can go through some of the compelling reasons discussed below that will inspire you to invest in engaging videos to attract more customers.

Make Prospects Familiar with Newly Launched Vehicles

Did you know that many interested buyers are not turning up at your dealership because they are unaware of newly launched vehicles? You can pique the interest and curiosity of such enthusiastic leads with video marketing. Google research claims that videos have facilitated the discovery of new launches for 40% of interested buyers.

The new features of a tantalizing new auto model will motivate even apathetic buyers to consider investing in a new vehicle.

Allow Ease of Comparing Different Available Options

Videos prove useful for interested buyers who wish to put different models in perspective for comparing and contrasting the features offered in them for the chosen budget segment. Prospective buyers researching new models can get actionable insights into model features with detailed videos. This allows them to narrow down their search and make quick purchasing decisions.

Videos offer an immersive experience to prospects through optimization of light, sound, and graphics. You can achieve the right atmosphere that instantly uplifts the mood of viewers and subliminally persuade them to decide in your favor.

If you make videos for popular social channels like YouTube and Facebook, the prospects can also get to read the comments posted by other viewers. This also has a positive impact, provided you curate the comments properly.

Leverage the Motivational Power of Influencers or Brand Advocates to Trigger Sales

It is the basic human instinct to believe the words of those towering persons who hold some sway in a particular niche. The auto industry is not immune to this. You can command the attention of prospects with videos that broadcast the test drive experiences of influencers. The opinions shared by them will leave an indelible impression on the psyche of buyers.

Videos can be created with brand advocates depicting the importance of a vehicle for a particular occasion, like heading to the university. Such relatable videos can help you connect with targeted leads better.

Prompt the Prospective Buyers To Visit Your Showroom or Dealership

Once your leads comprehensively explore the model in visual mode, they will feel compelled to visit the showroom in person to check out the models. Incidentally, you can create videos in a spellbinding manner with any good online free video maker. An interesting anecdote will convince you of the magnetic power of videos.

Renowned automotive player Fiat Chrysler had once engaged in online campaigning through digital videos with the yearly Jeep Celebration Event in the limelight. The management wanted to learn if videos could convert. The yardstick for measuring success was checking out the foot traffic different dealerships will receive. You will be amazed to learn that within 6 weeks, 50K+ auto enthusiasts had visited 300+ dealer stores. Videos can truly bring about an avalanche of conversions if leveraged strategically.

Enjoy Numerous Options to Showcase Your Automotive Products

You can drive engagement with prospects better by presenting your auto offerings in a visually appealing and influencing manner through different video modes. Some of the examples have been discussed below.

  • Video tour of the interior and exterior of the automobile
  • Personalized video walkthroughs for specific clients who want to check out particular models
  • Dashboard-mounted Go Pro camera enabled Virtual Test drive video for enabling prospects to enjoy the thrill of driving and robust power of automobile engine
  • Team meeting videos where your staff share their customer service experiences with people
  • Montage videos realistically depicting how your service and sales personnel go about their daily work to offer an optimum purchasing experience to new buyers or existing customers
  • Customer testimonial videos
  • Servicing videos where you show your team’s expertise in handling vehicle servicing-related activities quickly
  • Maintenance tips video where you enlighten people about best practices related to vehicle maintenance and service

Such video ads will inspire trust in prospects about your commitment to serve them better. This will draw them to your dealership whenever they like buying new vehicles.

Increase Organic Footfall on Your Website

If your dealership website engages visitors better, it will rank higher in the search engine result page (SERP) index for all relevant searches. You can get SEO done efficiently by driving an increasing number of leads to your brand site through marketing videos.

Post your videos in various forums and embed your site’s link at strategic locations. This will prompt leads to flow into your site seamlessly in search of more information. Try to keep updated informative videos posted on site. Leads will spend more time exploring them. Gradually, your SERP rank will go up.

Sales page videos trigger more conversions than web pages that contain plain text. Remember, videos should be mobile responsive and compatible for viewing on handheld devices.

Always have a visible ‘call to action.’ Encourage viewers to come to your showroom or talk to the dealer. Your contact details should be displayed prominently in the video and on platforms where you post the video. Post a Google Map on your site’s landing page to guide audiences on how to reach your showroom.

Offers or incentives presently being given by you should be showcased in videos. Try to tailor the incentives based on the browsing pattern of individual leads.

Influence Prospects with Testimonials of Satisfied Buyers

You can ask previous buyers to shoot small videos sharing their experience with your dealership. In place of time and efforts invested, you may extend them some incentive. Post these videos on YouTube, social platforms, and your website with SEO-optimized descriptions. Soon, you will be flooded with plenty of new booking and test drive requests.


Professionally shot and edited videos of high quality can give your dealership the much-needed facelift in terms of exponentially growing sales and profits. When you create videos, keep the camera steady and focus on the correct direction. If the camera shakes, all fun will be ruined.

The video’s background plays a vital role in portraying your dealership in a positive light and enhancing its reputation. You can optimize the cutting-edge features of a good online free video maker to clean the backdrop. The shooting mode should be determined by the platform’s requirements where you intend to post the video.

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