How Direct Tire is using video to build customer trust

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How Direct Tire is using video to build customer trust

A new company in the U.S. is transforming the customer automotive repair experience with video. GetTransparency has been around for only 18 months but has already been rolled out in 50 locations across the country and is leading the field in new technologies for automotive repair shops and dealerships.

What is GetTransparency?

GetTransparency is a video app and storage service that allows service departments in car dealerships and independent shops to “virtually bring customers into the service bay and see what the technician sees.”

Using a mobile app, auto technicians can make a visual record, along with a narration, of what is wrong (or right) with a customer’s car when they bring it into the shop. The technician can then email or text the video to the customer. The company’s founders say the technology improves customer confidence, increases profits, reduces liability and offers an internal quality control system.

Why does it work?

“Customer experience is greatly improved; it’s all about building trust with your customer and we strongly believe that transparency builds trust and enhances that relationship,” said GetTransparency chief operation officer Warner Jones.

“They can see and understand what’s wrong with their vehicle and they are more likely to accept the repair recommendations.”

Since 96 percent of online shoppers find video helpful when making purchasing decisions, and 73 percent are more likely to purchase after watching a video, it makes sense that customers are more willing to pay for what they can see and understand.

What are the benefits of video?

Warner said that, on average, clients who use video to inform customers about the status of their car and repairs see a 20 percent increase in paid work. For an industry that has long-suffered from a lack of customer confidence, it could signal a turning point.

Watch GetTransparency in action:

“It’s breaking down the barriers in our industry,” said Direct Tire owner Barry Steinberg, who was one of the first adopters of the technology.

“We have to be very sensitive to people’s perception of our industry. We have to be sensitive to their wallet and we have to understand that most people, including men, know nothing about cars, so we try and educate them.

“People rave about it. It’s called GetTransparency and that’s what it is, transparency. We’re giving you Auto Repair 101, educating you about your car and giving you an honest repair because we’re showing you what’s broken and what’s not.”

What’s the low-down?

The cost of GetTransparency starts at $295 per month for independent repair shops and $795 per month for dealerships, ostensibly because the technology has other applications, such as sending videos of a new car, secondhand cars and loaner cars.

Warner calls it the “black box” of the industry. He firmly believes that although offering customers a video “health check” of their car prior to work being done or agreed to is currently a competition differentiator for shops that adopt it, he predicts in two years’ it will be the norm for communicating with customers.


GetTransparency in operation

He said the process was designed to be easy and fast, using an iPhone or Android app that is downloaded to a cell phone. From there, it is as simple as “record, stop, save and send.” The response from customers has been positive, particularly word-of-mouth recommendations.

“We’ve seen it: dinner with friends when the discussion turns to auto repairs and someone will say ‘well, let me show you what my repair shop did for me.’ They’ll pull out their phone and show you the video of their vehicle being checked over. Even if there was nothing wrong, that is noted and reported and shows that the repair shop is being transparent. Plus the information is very shareable and very unique.”

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