How to get better results from your email marketing

How to get better results from your email marketing

In 2015, 53 percent of all emails were opened on smartphones or tablets.

With the explosive growth in mobile device usage, this percentage is only expected to increase. Now is the time to be sure your auto shop is using responsive design in your emails.

The term “responsive design” refers to the approach of delivering your audience the best viewing experience possible, regardless of the application, mobile device or tablet they are using. Responsive design provides optimal viewing and engagement to the email reader. The goal is to allow easy reading, navigation and scrolling. So for example, depending on the device, your viewing experience for the same website might look like this:


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Keep in mind that a standard email newsletter that looks fantastic on a desktop is likely to format improperly on a mobile device screen without responsive design. This will result in your customers either hitting the dreaded “delete” or “unsubscribe” button. Consider this startling statistic, if an email is not optimized for mobile; more than 80 percent of recipients delete it and another 30 percent unsubscribe from it.

A responsive email design provides the following benefits:

Enhanced user experience

Nothing is more annoying than having to pinch or zoom your phone screen to read the content of an email, right? Responsive design creates appropriate spacing, easy to click calls to actions (no fat fingers to worry about!) and accurate click positioning.

Higher open rates

If your customer has a poor mobile phone email experience with your auto shop’s newsletter, they will usually send it straight to trash. A recent study by MarketingProfs revealed that responsive emails have a 21 percent higher open rate than non-responsive ones.

Higher conversion rates

Once your customers know your auto shop email campaigns render properly on their phones, they will open them more frequently. Imagine if a customer was out running errands on a Saturday and received an email from your shop featuring a “limited time oil change” promotion. They may take the incentive to get it done while they are out so they can take advantage of the promotion and check the task off their ‘to-do’ list.

Reduced unsubscribe and spam complaints

Even today, email marketing is one of the most effective forms of communication for a business. However, once a customer unsubscribes, your business has lost the opportunity to communicate with them through email forever. Your shop needs to prevent this from happening.

Becoming an “early adopter” and implementing responsive email design is likely to give you a competitive advantage in your area.

There are many platforms in the marketplace today that offer the ability to create mobile-friendly, responsive emails. The key is to test how your message looks on your email and smartphone before you send.

Taran Sodhi is chief executive of Conceptual Minds — a company that specializes in email marketing for tire and auto shops and other auto service providers. Their team has helped clients achieve terrific results. If you would like to supercharge email marketing for your business, call Taran at 1-877-524-7696.

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