How good is it? Goodyear Wrangler All-Terrain Adventure Review

The Goodyear Wrangler AT Adventure with Kevlar is pictured with outline white letters. | © Goodyear

The Goodyear Wrangler line of all-terrain tires has been one of the most popular and successful off-road/all-terrain tires on the market for a number of decades. Consumer Reports placed it in second place when it graded SUV and all-terrain tires recently. The only reason it placed lower than its competitor was because it has poorer rolling resistance.

Fitment and sizing information

The Wrangler All-Terrain Adventure with Kevlar is designed mostly for off-road use, although it is also approved for on-highway use. It can be found on Jeep Grand Cherokees, Ford F-150 4X4s, and other four-wheel drive vehicles.

Goodyear offers the tire in 46 different sizes for wheels of 15- through 20-inch diameters. The sizes that are available are in the following ranges:

• One 15-inch size in SAE measurement: 31X10.50R15LT
• Two 75 series, 16-inch tires sizes: 245/75R16 and 265/75R16
• Four 70 series, 16-inch sizes: from 235 through 265/70R16
• Two 75 series, 17-inch tires: 235 and 245/75R17
• Four 70 series, 17-inch tires: 235 through 265/70R17
• Three 65 series, 17-inch tires: 245 through 265/65R17
• Two 70 series, 18-inch sizes: 255 and 265/70R18
• Three 65 series, 18-inch tires sizes: 255 through 275/65R18
• 265/60R18
• 255/60R19
• 275/60R20
• 275/55R20
• 265/50R20
• Two 85 series, 16-inch LT sizes: 215 and 235/85R16
• Four 75 series, 16-inch LT sizes: 225 through 285/75R16
• LT235/80R17
• LT245/75R17
• Three 70 series, 17-inch LT sizes: 245 through 285/70R17
• LT 265 and LT 2875/70R18
• LT275 and LT285/65R18
• LT275/65R20
• LT265 and LT285/60R20
• LT285 and LT305/55R20

What Goodyear says about the Wrangler AT Adventure

Goodyear calls the Wrangler All-Terrain Adventure with Kevlar their “best tire for versatility on- and off-road.” For extra strength the tire is built with DuPont Kevlar. Goodyear also says the tire has superior traction through rain and snow. The tire is warrantied to deliver 60,000 miles of tread life.


Uniform government and independent testing results

The Wrangler AT Adventure with Kevlar received above average reports in the Uniform Tire Quality Grading system. It received a score of 640 for treadwear. Temperature and traction grades were “B” and “A” respectively. The tire met the 60,000-mile treadwear warranty when tested.

Wrangler AT Adventure graded ‘well above average’ in AT category

The Wrangler AT Adventure did quite well when Consumer Reports evaluated it. It received a grade of “excellent” in dry braking and a “very good” in the wet braking category. It received the same mark for handling, hydroplaning resistance and tread life. The tire was considered “good” in snow traction, ice braking, ride comfort and noise.

The only red mark against the tire was in rolling resistance, where it received a failing mark of “poor.” Overall, CR says the tire is a “top-rated all-terrain tire” that “delivers well-rounded performance for most driving conditions.”

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