Here are three options for moving a Vehicle Long-Distance

Deciding to make a long-distance move across the country will always carry with it excitement and stress. It’s a real mixed bag of emotions, and typically involves a whole lot more planning and organizing to ensure the move goes smoothly. So, as you start to pack up all those boxes and figure out how you’ll transport them to your new home, you’re going to also want to consider your vehicle.

For many people, the idea of driving their vehicle across the country isn’t appealing, and not something they want to do. If you’re a multi-vehicle household, there’s a good chance you don’t each want to drive the distance in your own cars either, preferring to just take one if any. So, what’s the solution for moving a vehicle long-distance? We’ve got three options that you can mull over and choose from.

Plan on Driving the Vehicle Yourself

When it comes to transporting your vehicle long-distance, often it comes down to how much time you have available, how comfortable you feel driving a long-distance, and what kind of condition your car is in. Long-distance can mean anything from a full day of driving to a few days of driving, depending on where you’re moving. If you’re talking about multiple days then you need to also consider overnight accommodations along the way. Between fuel, food along the way, and accommodations, it can get pretty expensive, but maybe you’re looking at it as a mini vacation.

Then there is the condition of your vehicle. Not every vehicle is going to be able to handle that long distance drive. It would be wise to take it into your mechanic for a general inspection, making sure everything is in safe working order and that it can tolerate the mileage with ease. And speaking of the mileage, that’s another thing you want to be wary of. That drive is most definitely going to create wear and tear on your vehicle.

Have the Vehicle Professionally Transported

Arguably the most convenient option is to have the vehicle professional transported on a special transport truck. This means you don’t have to do the driving, your car won’t be dealing with wear and tear, and you know exactly when it will be picked up and dropped off at your new home. It’s all about making your move as stress-free as possible. You can click here for more information on these types of transport options.

Multi-Vehicle Home – Go with the Half and Half Approach

If you are a multi-vehicle home, your best bet may be to drive one car with the family, and then have the other car transported by a professional company. This allows you to pick which car will be better suited to make the drive based on fuel economy, comfort, and of course, how safe and reliable it is.

Don’t Let Moving the Car Cause Stress

At the end of the day, there is enough stress involved with moving long-distance without having to worry about how to transport your vehicle. Using these options will help you to figure things out.

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