Here are five ways to kill boredom on a long car ride

If the thought of traveling by road for long hours taxes you, you’re not alone. Car trips can be fun if the distance is short and graced by close friends and family members. But if you have to stay in the car for more than three hours, it can feel like a burden.

So, how do you make road trips feel more bearable? Use these actionable tips.

Carry a Book

Assuming you’ll not be driving, use the several your road trip as a time to read. A good book can hook you from the start and immerse you into its content for hours. So, take time to find a good read even before you get inside the car.

It is always a good idea to carry some alternatives. You might get captivated by a cover or the first few pages of a book. But once you get to the second chapter, exhaustion kicks in. Fortunately, you’re never out of reading options these days.

If you don’t have many books at home, the Internet is jam-packed with options. Of course, reading eBooks isn’t for everyone. But if you’re fine reading an eBook through your iPhone or iPad, you can’t get bored.

Play Online Games

Not everyone enjoys reading books while on a trip. But almost every gamer is ready to have fun playing their favorite online games anywhere. The best part is that you don’t have to cooperate with anyone else in the car to enjoy gaming.

Your smartphone and access to the Internet are all you need to play hundreds of online games. You could relish eSports games like Fortnite, PUBG and Call of Duty Mobile. Or you could spend time solving puzzles and filling sudokus.

On the other hand, you can play online games that pay you when you win. Think of slots, poker, blackjack and roulette. You only need a small budget of at least $10 to play these games at many gambling-focused websites. And if lucky, you can grab a bonus to minimize your budget.

Take a Nap

One of the fastest ways to make a long road trip feel short is to take a nap. But how do you get yourself to sleep for an early morning road trip? Sleep late or wake earlier than usual. Take a shower and prepare for the trip.

Because you’ll have slept for fewer hours than your body is used to, you’ll most likely fall asleep within the first hour of your road trip. And depending on how sleepy you feel, you could end up sleeping throughout the ride.

Tip: set a time or ask one of your ride mates to wake you up after a couple of hours. This can be helpful if you want to enjoy the scenery along the road. Or you want to read a couple of chapters before you finally arrive.

Watch a Movie

If you have a car that supports DVD players, ensure you carry a few copies to watch with your friends. Obviously, ensure the driver stays glued to the steering wheel and has his or her attention on driving.

If DVDs don’t work in your car, ensure you charge your smartphone or tablet. You could even carry your laptop if it can hold charge for more than two hours. That way, you can watch enough movies for the entirety of the road trip.

Make Stops Along the Way

It’s hard to drive for more than three hours without getting exhausted. To ensure you arrive safely and while feeling fresh, make a few stops along the way. Stop at a restaurant to have lunch.

Take a stop at a motel and spend the evening there. Or visit a heritage site, a zoo or any attractive place to catch a break. This will help everyone relax, shower, take bathroom breaks, eat and rewind before you continue for the rest of the journey.

Listen to the Radio

Sometimes the only thing you can do while on a road trip is to listen to music. Let’s say you’re the driver and you’ll be driving alone. You can’t afford to get distracted by playing online games or by reading.

Instead, you’re better off tuning in to your favorite radio station. If there’s a good show, count yourself lucky. Radio shows have a way of making you feel part of the conversation. They talk about things you care about.

They make you laugh, think and question things. Better yet, they can also play your favorite jams. And what else do you need? A full marathon of your favorite songs is all some people need to push through a long car ride.

Sing Out Loud

Listening to music is great. But it’s not always an option, especially when other people in the car have different tastes for music. As a way of enjoying the trip together, decide which songs to play out loud.

There are no wrong answers as long as everyone enjoys the songs. You could start the lyrics to a popular song, and have the kids fill them up. Or you could opt to make up you won lyrics while following the beats of a renowned song.

The goal is to make the experience memorable. So, anything that the passengers enjoy is good to go.

Create a to-do List

Planning is how you maximize your time at a place. It also helps you stay on budget and clear something off your bucket list. In light of that information, use some of the time you’ll be in the car making your to-do list.

Start by listing random things you could do once you get there. Then think about things you can actually do based on time and budget. If you plan to make experiences with ride-mates, consult them to have everyone’s input.

Admittedly, creating a to-do list in an 8-hour trip will leave you with lots of time to spare. But guess what? There are plenty of things you can do that you’ve been postponing. Use this time to complete your online course, to knit your dog’s sweater or to fill your taxes.

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