Hercules Tire increases treadwear coverage for H/P 4000

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Hercules Tire announced that its time-tested cosmetic UHP tire – the Hercules H/P 4000 – will now carry 50,000 miles (80,000 km) of treadwear coverage, up from the 40,000 miles (65,000 km) it offered previously. This enhancement to the Limited Protection Policy covering the tire joins changes made at the beginning of 2017, including Road Hazard Protection that now provides free replacement up to two years or 50 percent treadwear and Workmanship and Materials coverage offering free replacement to 50 percent tread life.

“The H/P 4000 has been a dependable, long-lasting tire in our line-up,” said Jedd Emans, vice president of marketing for Hercules Tire. “I guess you could say we’re giving credit where credit is due by upping the mileage coverage by 25 percent. For most drivers, that’s a whole additional year of coverage and peace of mind.”

With raised white lettering (most sizes) and a low-profile, the Hercules H/P 4000 is an attractive addition to classic muscle cars, both vintage and modern. The H/P 4000 is available throughout the U.S. and Canada.

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