How Hankook’s rebate extension can boost your business

Hankook has extended its winter tire offer.

How Hankook’s rebate extension can boost your business

Customers buying winter tires still have a chance to get up to $80 back after Hankook announced it is extending its winter tire rebate.

The “Great Winter” offer had originally ended in mid-December but Hankook Tire America Corporation has extended the offer on qualifying tires until January 24.

Which tires qualify for Hankook’s rebate?

Only a few ranges qualify for Hankook’s rebates.

• Hankook Winter i*cept evo2 (Pattern Code: W320, W320A): These qualify for the full $80 rebate. The new Winter i*cept evo2 is an ultra-high-performance passenger tire. Available in 16-inch through 20-inch fitments, the Winter i*cept evo2 incorporates an aggressive biting edge and traction groove design to provide exceptional winter-condition performance, according to Hankook.

• Hankook Winter i*cept iZ (Pattern Code: W606): These qualify for a $50 rebate. Hankook says its Winter i*cept iZ ultra-high-performance winter tire is developed with the latest in tire design technology to ensure excellent grip in both icy and snowy driving conditions. The company says a 3D shoulder block design improves handling performance and a 3D kerf design improves traction and braking. The Winter i*cept iZ is available in 14-inch through 18-inch fitments.

• Hankook i*Pike RW11 (Pattern Code: RW11): These tires qualify for a $40 rebate. The premium studdable i*Pike RW11 is for SUVs and light trucks. Designed as an all-terrain winter tire, the i*Pike RW11’s variable stepped groove tread design increases snow traction, while a unique stone ejector design in the tire’s center and shoulder grooves helps to prevent tire damage from stones or external impacts. The i*Pike RW11 is available in 15-inch through 20-inch sizes.

How do customers get their rebate?

Consumers can download rebate forms online and then mail them in to claim their rebate. There are terms and conditions — including that the customer must buy a full set of tires to get the rebate and must be in the U.S. or Puerto Rico to qualify. There’s more information on the Hankook website.

Hanook rebate

How to use Hankook’s offer to boost your business

Customers love a bargain and tires are one of those purchases where they will be looking for a deal. Incorporate Hankook’s “Great Winter” tire deal into your regular advertising and marketing program. The end date gives the message a sense of urgency, so change your regular print or radio ads to make potential customers aware they can save $80 buying Hankook tires through your dealership before January 24.

You can also push the deal out through your social media channels and whatever other digital marketing you’re doing, including directly emailing the customers in your database.

Helping customers save money gives them the sense you’re on their side — and makes it more likely they’ll come back to you when they want to change over to summer tires.
For more information on marketing winter tires to boost sales, check out this article.

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