Hankook unveils new generation all-weather tire Kinergy 4S²

© Hankook Tire

Hankook Tire announced the launch of its new all-season tire Kinergy 4S² that has been completely redeveloped for its fifth generation.

With its new V-shaped tread pattern and a state-of-the-art tread mixture made of natural oil components, the new Kinergy 4S² guarantees stable driving and braking behaviour all year round across the different temperature ranges that regularly occur in Europe. On its market launch in June 2018, it will be available in 17 popular sizes from 14 to 17 inches. By the end of the year, the line-up will be expanded by a further 43 sizes up to 20 inches.

The Kinergy 4S² is specifically targeted to quality- and cost-conscious drivers who prefer not have to change their tires every six months but who do not want to go without balanced performance and safety. In order to be equipped for all weathers and temperatures, the new Kinergy 4S² offers specially balanced and constant performance features across all seasons. This is made possible by a directional tread being used for Hankook all-weather tires for the first time, combined with a particularly innovative polymer silica tread mixture.


© Hankook

As an all-weather tire, the Kinergy 4S² is a real all-rounder and combines crucial summer and winter tire properties without temperature-related performance losses. It is extremely reliable in wet and dry conditions as well as on snow.

“Our team of engineers was able to fall back on more than twenty years of expertise in the field of all-weather tyres for the Kinergy 4S². The result is a completely new product which makes a particularly stable performance available with the aid of an innovative tyre compound and the special tread design, independently of weather conditions and temperatures.” Klaus Krause, head of the Hankook European Development Centre in Hanover, emphasized.

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