Hankook Tire to restructure organization and appoint new executives

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Hankook Tire announced it is restructuring its organization and appointing new executives as part of its efforts to enhance its global competitiveness. The changes will take effect on January 1, 2019.

The organizational restructuring of Hankook Tire (President & CEO Hyunbum Cho) includes establishment of a Car Life Business Headquarters to secure new growth engines, strengthening the provision of automobile total services as well as the sales of tires for passenger cars and truck buses. In particular, it will create further synergies by expanding business areas in automotive maintenance, repair and related parts through import car dealer business.

In terms of global organization, Hankook Tire will establish overseas branches in Austria, Indonesia, UAE and Vietnam as well as a regional head office in Asia-Pacific, Africa & Middle East region. It will also establish offices in Taipei (Taiwan) and Belgrade (Serbia), creating a basis for a balanced regional growth.

Based on the organizational restructuring, three senior vice presidents, eleven vice presidents were also promoted.

Jeongrock Yoon, who has been promoted to a senior vice president, will focus on the production efficiency of the Daejeon plant as a specialist with experience from the construction of a new plant to the stabilization of production, as a plant managing director at the Hungary plant, Geumsan plant and the Tennessee plant.

Senior vice president Hyunjun Cho is a global marketing specialist, including tire business for overseas new cars, and plans to boost the premium brand value by expanding the supply of global premium new car tires.

Seonghak Hwang, the senior vice president, who had worked as a plant managing director of Jiaxing plant and the head of the OE development team at the Chinese headquarters, is expected to be able to maximize the synergy between R&D and manufacturing. In particular, as the plant manager of the Hungary plant, which is the outpost of the European market, Mr. Hwang will focus more on the steady provision of tires to the global premium new car supply and replacement market, in line with the company’s continued growth in the European market.

Hankook Tire also appointed Seyoul Ryu as the head of the IT Strategy Department who had worked as an executive director of Hyundai AutoEver ICT business division and as a general manager of SAP KOREA. Mr. Ryu is an ERP specialist based on various innovation/PI project experiences and he will lead the fourth industrial revolution and the group’s entire digital innovation.

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