Hankook Tire introduces new line of truck and bus tires

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Under its Laufenn Brand, Hankook Tire launches a new line of tires for commercial use in the UK.

Laufenn will initially launch with nine different patterns, covering the main range of tire sizes, for the transport of goods, people as well as tires for construction traffic.

The new line of Laufenn truck and bus tires will be marketed as a wise choice for smaller fleet partners, as well as budget-conscious owner-operators looking for reliable quality. The new product lines are designed to further strengthen Laufenn and the synergies with the Hankook brand.

“Our new Laufenn truck and bus radial tires will offer the UK market a valuable addition to Hankook’s overall product portfolio,” says Chang-Yool Han, Managing Director of Hankook Tyre UK. “It will help us to demonstrate to our customers that Hankook is a premium tire maker, able to offer a full and comprehehnsive product range, and therefore strengthen our position as a tire solution provider.” Paul Emery, Sales Director of the UK adds: “To us this is a unique opportunity – by launching an additional truck and bus tire brand for commercial use, we also substantiate the development of Hankook’s TBR offer into a striving, full-service, premium brand with all its associated technological innovations.”

The Laufenn range will include five tread designs for regional haul, three for construction and material handling traffic and one for urban and commuting bus services:

  • The regional haul treads cover Truck, Trailer and Bus needs. The two steer tires, Laufenn LF21 for regional to longer driving distances, and LF22 for regional hauling, accommodate a wide range of vehicles, ensuring they will be well equipped and profiting from excellent durability, among other advantages. The Laufenn LZ22 serves as a drive axle tire for regional haul application, offering a robust tread compound for long tire life and even wear. Laufenn LF90 an LF91 both fit the purposes of regional haul trailer tires in different sizes.
  • The On & Off road application range of Laufenn truck tires covers the needs of customers who frequently serve construction sites with their fleet. Therefore, the all position Laufenn tyies LR01 and LR02 both offer the necessary heavy-duty endurance to withstand different levels of ground condition-induced stress. Laufenn LR53 teams up with the LR01 and LR02 as a reliable drive axle tire with good chip and cut resistance and ability to withstand the demands for On & Off road application.
  • For urban areas the new Laufenn range offers a multi-purpose all position tire especially for city traffic. The LF60 provides high wet grip and low noise levels especially for urban bus traffic.

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