Hankook Tire changes its group name to Hankook Technology Group

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Hankook Tire announced will establish a unified brand system that reflects its global brand ‘Hankook’ and will change names of its holding companies and major affiliates. From Hankook Tire Group, the company will change its name to ‘Hankook Technology Group’ to reflect its innovation and future technology.

Apart from the name change, Hankook Tire Group will fundamentally innovate the processes and models of all business areas, and enhance global leadership through strategies and systems to realize digital transformation that has emerged as a major topic of the new economic paradigm. The company plans to lead the change of the future industry by establishing a digital-based innovation model that integrates various information and communication technologies such as artificial intelligence and big data in all fields from production to distribution, sales and service.

Hankook Tire Worldwide, the holding company, changes its name to ‘Hankook Technology Group’. Hankook Tire Worldwide plans to redefine the corporate brand ‘Hankook’ as a technology-based innovation group and focus more on enhancing shareholder value through raising brand awareness. In order to strengthen competitiveness in a rapidly changing global business environment, Hankook Technology Group Co., Ltd. will lead the future industry through continuous investment and secure the technology leadership to lead future business in various fields.

Hankook Tire, a core affiliate, changes its name to ‘Hankook Tire & Technology’. Hankook Tire & Technology will focus on securing future-oriented innovation technologies and leading the automotive industry. In particular, the company will develop a smart factory and gain a foothold through development and intellectualization of its production scheduling system, optimization of process automation system, and utilization of big data and artificial intelligence.

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