Guidelines for an Essay Writer

Many students who are faced with the need to write an essay for the first time experience difficulties. How to start the writing process, and what aspects are the most important? What academic nuances should be used in body paragraphs, and how to craft the conclusion part? That is why you should understand how you will go as a student. Here are guidelines that can greatly simplify your writing process.

Define Your Essay Topic

Choosing good topics is a priority for most modern students. Unfortunately, you are not a universal soldier and are hardly ready to cope with any research area. That is why you should choose topics that will make you stand out. Perhaps you already have some good ideas, so don’t hesitate. You can also check ideas online to speed up the preparation process.

Alternatively, you can check out reliable writing services for delegating assignments. Not all students are ready to cope with the academic load, so third-party help will come in handy. Perhaps you should listen to the opinion of those who are familiar with the academic world. So what wrote John Milovich is his unemployedprofessors review. You will probably immediately understand which writing services you should not trust.

Do Your Research and Gather Sources

And here is the next extremely important step. You should find at least a few credible academic sources to start your research process. Analyze your topic and collect as much important data as possible. The fact is that your essay should be based only on facts, especially if your topic is about something extremely important.

Come Up With a Thesis

Your thesis statement is the key element of the essay and is the starting point for a further writing activity. Create a solid thesis considering your topic and writing goals. Perhaps you should also check the examples to avoid common mistakes. There is also an alternative path available to you, like delegating papers. Just check student feedback on edubirdie, and you will understand which companies you need.

Write the Strong Intro

Your introduction is an extremely important paper that should motivate you to read the body paragraphs. Add some writer’s hook, anecdote, or rhetorical question. You need an idea that will help you stand out from the crowd. Try to choose interesting writing techniques to create the perfect transition between the first part of the essay and the following paragraphs.

Write In Complete Sentences

Try to write your essay without intentional fragments, such as “Right? OK? Clear?” Such writing tricks don’t belong in essays. Instead, try to keep your train of thought clear and understandable. That’s why you leave intentional fragments for informal writing. Your academic paper is an assignment with clear instructions, so read all the rules before experimenting.

Write in Third Person

This rule is relevant for most essays, not your opinion, experience, or goals. Instead, just talk about the essay’s subject. Also, don’t use first-person pronouns such as I, my, mine, we, us, etc. You need your essay to be objective, not subjective. And don’t use second-person pronouns like you, your, or yours. Such rules will help you write your essay by academic standards.

Do Not Abbreviate

In some cases, abbreviations help reduce the time it takes to write your essay and make it more comfortable for readers. But abbreviations are informal and serve as shortcuts, so their place is in Facebook dialogue and not in essays. That is why you should write The United Kingdom instead of the UK. This rule may seem strange for beginners, but your task is to follow the instructions. This strategy will lead you to success.

Do Not Over-Use the Same Words or Phrases

Many students use too many similar words and phrases. Such a strategy is unlikely to lead you to high grades. So avoid the overuse of verbs like is, am, are, was, were, and so on. Instead, Polish your sentences and rephrase some ideas to make your paragraphs look solid. In any case, your professor will have fewer reasons for nit-picking and negative reactions.

Use Plagiarism Checkers

Sometimes creating essays involves using quotes and third-person data. That is why you should be careful when copying information. Do not forget about plagiarism because professors are extremely critical of non-original papers. Use plagiarism checkers like Turnitin or Grammarly. Spend 5-10 minutes paraphrasing some sentences and your paper will become unique.


Once the body of your essay is complete, you should read each sentence. Analyze all your statements, ideas, and findings. As a student, you must ensure you do not miss anything important. You may have to spend about 30 minutes polishing some unclear statements. This strategy will get you closer to high grades.


Now you have instructions that you can use to create a first-class essay. Follow all the steps and tips to minimize the risk of error. Now it will surely be easier for you to craft an outstanding essay. But don’t forget about editing and proofreading activities to polish your essay.

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