How to use Google AdWords to sell tires

How to use Google AdWords to sell tires

Seventy percent of tire buyers begin their search on a search engine.

In fact, research by Google shows that an individual who sees a brand’s name in search results but doesn’t click on the ad immediately is two times more likely to buy tires from you while someone who does click on your ad is 20 times more likely to buy from your business.

With so many tire shoppers going online, making sure your business is visible on the Internet is more important than ever. As recommended by Conceptual Minds chief executive Taran Sodhi on Traction News last week, advertising through Google’s AdWords is a very targeted and effective way to get your business name out there and win customers

Forward-thinking businesses reliant on AdWords

Sodhi said forward-thinking U.S. businesses have embraced AdWords as a way to sell their goods and services.

“In terms of how well it is working, well, that’s a tougher question to answer,” he said.

“It’s all about the type of strategy they are employing and how well they are tracking the associated data.

“AdWords’ platform has a lot of nuances, and subtle changes can have significant impacts on campaign performance.

“We generally find that organizations who do a great job of capturing and analyzing data see positive Return on Investment (ROI), and those who don’t focus on data capture and analysis generally enjoy less than stellar results.”

Making your AdWords ad as effective as possible

So, how do you give your AdWords ad the best possible chance of being effective and providing a decent ROI? Here are Sodhi’s tips:

1. Highlight what makes your business unique — for example, if you have a free shuttle service or are open long hours.

2. Ask the person viewing the ad to take an action — for example, “call us” or “make an appointment.”

3. Include price points and promotions — for example, “$19.99 oil change.”

4. Include at least one keyword in your ad copy so it resonates with the consumer — for example, if you are targeting someone who needs a brake repair, then definitely have “brakes” in your ad copy

5. Ensure a consistency in the language you use between your ad and the landing page — for example, don’t mention the $19.99 oil change special in the ad if the consumer will then be directed to a landing page that doesn’t mention anything about that special. Ads that lead consumers to an inconsistent page generally frustrate them and cause them to leave your website quickly (called a “high bounce rate”). A high bounce rate indicates that consumers are not reacting well to a specific ad.

6. Build a “mobile first” ad to make sure your ad will resonate to a mobile audience — for example, have local extensions turned on so that consumers will see the address and phone number of your store that’s closest to them.

Conceptual Minds is an automotive industry-focused digital marketing company that works with tire businesses across the U.S.

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