Goodyear expands Fuel Max RTD tire with three new sizes

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Goodyear is launching three new sizes for Goodyear Fuel Max RTD (Regional Traction Drive) tire line.

In the second quarter of 2020, all six Fuel Max RTD sizes will be available at original equipment (OE) and at Goodyear authorized dealers.

Designed to improve the operational efficiency of regional and urban trucking fleets, the Goodyear Fuel Max RTD is Goodyear’s premium regional drive tire, balancing fuel efficiency with traction and long miles to removal.

“Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake Certification testing is conducted in the harshest winter conditions at a Goodyear facility in Finland above the Arctic Circle,” said Dustin Lancy, Goodyear commercial product marketing manager. “Combined with our new tread design and compounds, this traction enhances the tire’s performance to maximize grip, fuel efficiency and long miles to removal.”

Ideal applications for this tire cover a wide range of vehicle types, including straight trucks, day cabs, box trucks, heavy duty pickups, utility vehicles and any regional truck that requires extra traction in all weather conditions.

The Goodyear Fuel Max RTD line is currently available in OE sizes 11R22.5 (Load Ranges G and H) and 255/70R22.5 (Load Range H). By the second quarter of 2020, the tire will be available in sizes 225/70R19.5 (Load Range G), 245/70R19.5 (Load Range H) and 295/75R22.5 (Load Range G), which is SmartWay verified for sustainable transportation. These 19.5 and 22.5-inch sizes are among the top growing in the regional and urban segment.

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