Goodyear Announces The GP-3E Off-The-Road Tire with a New Versatile Tread Design for Wheel Loaders, Graders and Articulated Dump Trucks

The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company recently launched the GP-3E tire line to add to the Goodyear Off-the-Road (OTR) portfolio. The GP-3E line is a general purpose OTR tire offered in several sizing options that features specially formulated tread compounds engineered to support longer wear and advanced abrasion resistance for various types of underfoot conditions. A deep, versatile tread design and sizing options means the GP-3E offers toughness and flexibility to handle construction and material loading and carrying jobs.

“The GP-3E is a tough, all-purpose tire for job sites with challenging environments that need versatility and traction,” said Loic Ravasio, general manager, Goodyear Global & Americas OTR. “The innovative, lightweight design of the GP-3E tire helps drive efficiency and an optimized cost per hour for the job at hand.”

The GP-3E is equipped with the following features and benefits:

• New tread design balances traction and treadwear for a variety of applications.
• Multiple steel belt construction optimizes uptime and productivity through improved resistance to cuts and penetrations.
• Specially formulated tread compounding supports longer wear and advanced abrasion resistance for optimized cost per hour.
• Versatile design and sizing options to accommodate conventional diesel engine, hybrid and electric vehicles.

The GP-3E is the latest offering in the OTR portfolio to help deliver Goodyear Total Mobility – the trusted Products, Reliable Services and Tire Management Solutions your business needs. For more information on the GP-3E tire and the rest of Goodyear’s OTR offerings, visit

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