Giti Tire to Return to a Familiar Track: Official Race Tires for the 2023 Formula 4 Races

Once more, Giti tires were prominently shown during the Southeast Asian Formula 4 Championship.

The fifth season of the series, which began with a race at the Zhuzhou International Circuit, honors the 70th anniversary of the Macau Grand Prix and continues to feature young, aspirational racers vying for the credentials and experience needed to fulfill their dream of competing in Formula One. Giti tire, a longstanding partner and sponsor of the series, are frequently spotted at the races mounted to Tatuus F4 T421 GEN2 vehicles that sport Fiat Abarth turbocharged 1.4cc 160hp engines that were developed by Autotecnica Motori.

Resuming after a four-year break owing to the COVID-19 pandemic, Giti is delighted to be assisting these young, talented athletes once more in their quest to become elite racers. Fitted with a set of GitiCompete GTR1 tires measuring 180/550-13 and 240/570-13, the race truly showcases the driver’s ability to adjust to the conditions. Instead of needing to travel to Europe to study the fundamentals of racing, this race gives these young drivers the opportunity to learn about the vehicles, tires, and engines in the APAC region closer to home.

Being present at a Formula 4 race, particularly the Southeast Asian Championship, is always an honor and a joy. When questioned about Giti’s involvement in the Formula 4 races, Mr. Mark Zhu, R&D Manager for Motorsports at Giti Tire, stated, “Our team continues to tirelessly work with the racers to help them realize their best performance on Giti tires.” “We are delighted to be in Macau during the 70th anniversary of the Macau Grand Prix, and Giti always looks forward to collaborating closely with the organizers and racers to provide tires that enable the racers to attain their best results.”

Giti’s top circuit racing tire line, the GitiCompete GTR1 tires, come in slick and semi-slick versions that are designed to deliver performance and control in their corresponding dry and wet conditions. Beyond just track tires, Giti’s competition line also includes items that are capable of handling a variety of obstacles in a variety of weather conditions and terrains. This demonstrates Giti’s commitment to developing tires for a wide range of driving styles and all potential obstacles, both on and off the road.

The Performance and Innovation Legacy of Giti Tire in Motorsports

In the world of motorsports, where performance is the only thing that matters and every second counts, Giti Tire has established a solid reputation for dependability, creativity, and an unwavering passion of racing. A number of tactical alliances and technological developments have characterized the brand’s entry into the high-speed competition sphere. These initiatives have not only advanced tire technology but also helped to nurture and develop racing talent on a variety of platforms.

Giti’s involvement in motorsports extends to various challenging terrains and races around the world. They’ve showcased their tire resilience in events like the Pikes Peak Hill Climb in the USA, where they achieved victory with Hall of Fame driver Tajima ‘Monster’ Nohuhiro. In the icy conditions of the Mohe Ice and Snow Rally in China, Giti’s tires led the team to an overall championship in the petrol group. And not just in the cold, their tires have proven their mettle under the scorching heat and torrential rains of the Sepang 12 Hours Endurance Race in Malaysia, securing first place in their category.

Giti’s cutting-edge research and development facilities, where engineers toil tirelessly to create tires that can perform in harsh environments, provide the company a technological advantage in its motorsport activities. Giti’s expertise extends beyond just producing slick and semi-slick tires; their inventory also includes tires made for a variety of racing styles, from sprint races where speed and grip are critical to endurance races that push the frontier of endurance.

The accomplishments of Giti in motorsports are numerous and varied, including significant successes at the 24 Hours Nürburgring, where they have been a strong contender over the years. Furthermore, Giti has made history with the Giti’s Angels team, an all-female racing team that has broken barriers and set records in international racing events.

These highlights reflect Giti Tire’s commitment to excellence in motorsports tires technology and their dedication to bringing those advancements to consumers.

About the Formula 4 Southeast Asia Championship

Since its launch in February 2017 by MAM F4 SEA, the program has grown to become a benchmark for junior drivers both within and outside of the region.

The consistent expansion of South East Asia’s motorsport facilities, which have hosted an increasing number of international events in recent years, is largely due to the region’s appeal to tourists from across the world.

The F4 SEA deserves to be given a new and professional boost in order to maintain its crucial position as the first rung of the single-seater ladder, establish itself as one of the reference F4 championships, and introduce local talent to the global arena in a market that is still developing and becoming more competitive.

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